Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WW: My 2nd Grader!

Yesterday was the start of school for our area! Hailey was very excited to get up and get ready! I couldn't send her off without taking a few pictures!
*PS: I am just now realizing how grainy these are! AHHHHH!  
The first day of school was a success! I took off so I could be there to get her on and off the bus which was exciting for me! This year was the first time she would be coming home on the bus. Of course there was an issue with the school and they had her going to the YMCA branch that did her afterschool program last year. The bad thing is they are no longer at the school so they would have been loading her up and taking her somewhere completely different. Hailey isn't one to ask questions so she probably would have gone with the flow of things! Ekkkkk! So good thing I paid attention to the bus schedule that came out and was able to get that all straightened up! After the incident in kindergarten when they put her on the bus when she was supposed to stay after school (not to mention that we were brand new to the area and knew no one here, plus they couldn't tell me where my child was or if they let her off the bus and I was over an hour away!) I was nervous that things were going to get mixed up again. Luckily I was able to stay home so that IF something did happen then I could fix it quickly!
Okay, so back to my story! Hailey had a very good first day of school! She loved her teacher and found the class with no problem! She came home on the bus with no issues and she even made some new friends in her class! I am so glad she was so happy! She told me she "couldn't wait to go back tomorrow!" Wahoo!

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  1. Hope she has a great rest of the year. She's a cutie!