Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday- Wednesday Edition


1. It's not Tuesday, but I missed my 10 Things on Tuesday, so I am just going to make it a Wednesday edition.

2. I am extremely tired today and had a hard time waking up this morning. I think this running on 5 hours or less of sleep a night and going going going during the day is starting to knock me down.

3. I overslept yesterday! I have no clue how that happened, but this morning I realized that my 4:35am alarm didn't go off. I set my alarm for 4am so I can get up with Emily and change and feed her before I get ready for work at 4:35. So while I was sitting there this morning I looked at my phone and it was 4:40am which means my alarm never sounded even though it was set to go off. I guess I need to clear my alarms out and try to reset them again!

4. I have really bad anxiety today and so much on my mind lately. I don't like it at allllll!

5. I have a very busy weekend ahead of me and am not sure how I am going to get everything done or exactly what I will and won't be doing. I am expected to be at a truck show that Kenny's club is putting on Friday through Sunday. I have a staff shirt so he's been on me about making sure I am there for the majority of it when I can be. It will be interesting. It's a pretty big event and they have worked hard at it and it's pretty important to this club, so I hope it goes smoothly because right now it seems a MESS!

6. Kenny's job is getting closer to dooms day and still no answers. What we do know is that there is a good chance that most of them will lose their positions. Kenny has the most seniority there and time in, so that is on his side. They are hoping to keep one maintenance position which would hopefully be for him, but if not he may be out of a job for 3 weeks while they continue to work on a new contract for the other buildings and create a maintenance position there. But then again, there is also a chance that the agencies that he works for and the higher ups in the government will say they don't need a contract for maintenance at all. They have 20 days before they turn into pumpkins and they are completely left hanging at the moment. I try not to worry, but come on, he's the bread winner in the family and we need his paycheck!

7. I've been really working hard on eating healthier, portion sizes, and adding in exercise each night. Tomorrow is my official weigh in day and I just have this gut feeling that I am going to have gained. I have lost a little under 8lbs in the past two weeks, so I know that it will eventually slow and become more normal weight loss, but I can't help but be worried and nervous. I know there won't always be big loses or any loses at times, but you still hate to see it while you've really been working hard. I just have to keep my head in the game and continue to push forward no matter what it says for this week.

8. School has been in session for a week and a half and we are slowly learning that 2nd grade is much more demanding then 1st. Along with nightly homework and nightly word study, we also have to ready 120 minutes a week and log our minutes and also a weekly book report in her journal! Not to mention weekly projects throughout the year. It's going to be hard to juggle everything, especially with gymnastics once a week and trying to get everything done nightly after I get home from work and we have dinner. I am definitely putting effort this year into making sure that we don't procrastinate as much as we have before in the past years.

9. Medical bills are killing me right now. Every time I turn around there is a new one. I have gotten really organized with my Statement of Benefits from the insurance and cross checking them with the bills coming in. I have them all in chronological order and have been attaching the bills when they are paid and tabbing ones that still need to be paid so I know what to expect. I think being more organized has helped me, but I wish there were more with zero balances then there are! I have a $452.36 one for both girls deductibles from the pediatrician sitting next to me as we speak.

10. I can't believe it's only Wednesday! I feel like it should at least be Thursday! It's turning out to be a long week!

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