Monday, December 5, 2011

As the Days Fly By!

So I figured I would post something really quick to sort out my thoughts and figure out what needs to be done in the next week......

This past weekend I did a home vendor show on Saturday and then I did a fill in vendor show on Sunday. So I need to get that money into the bank and place the order that I got on Saturday. My plan was to have a lazy Sunday and work on my paper, clean, start decorating for Christmas, and just do things I wanted to do. But a vendor fair is always a good opportunity to sell my inventory and to potentially get some new customers. So now I need to fit those things in today!

So tonight: I need to go to CSM in Prince Frederick and pick up my cap and gown. Then I am hoping to get home and start cleaning. The trash needs to go out, so I need to round all that up. Also it would be nice to do the dishes, I am running out of paper plates and plastic spoons! I need to do dishes ASAP! So trash duty, dishes, and the final load of laundry are all in the works for tonight! Not to mention my discussion board post due at midnight. Also I need to send money for Hailey to school. She has a Santa workshop this week, where the students can go buy gifts for their parents. How exciting!

Tuesday: Pick Hailey up, take her to school for the book fair and then the health expo night. Continue cleaning!!!!!

Wednesday: I need to telework so that I can get Hailey off the bus. I hope to finish work at 3:30 and then head to Waldorf. I need to get my nails filled (I found a place that does them super cheap and I haven't had them done since mid October! $20 for 2 months! I say Hell Yeah!), then I need to go to the mall and make some exchanges. I need to take some stuff back to Kohls, then I need to take something back to Sephora, and then I need to take back a pair of boots to JC Penny. I also need to pick up my glasses that are getting new lenses in them. Then I hope to be hope soon enough that I can mayybe start putting up the tree or atleast making room for it?

Thursday- Dance night with Hailey.

Friday- I need to meet the girl with a Scentsy party open and get her orders and close her party out.

Saturday- I was invited to go to the Holly Jolly musical in Calvert in the evening, but I have not heard anymore about that! I need to check on that. Also Saturday is when my big project is due for my English class.

So in between all that stuff I need to find time to do my project for English and begin preparing for my English exam on Monday. I have a lot to do a head of me, but I guess if I take it one step at a time then I will get it all done. I am actually considering getting rid of my facebook site for this week, so that I can take the time to really work on everything I need to get done. Ahhhhhh. It will be okay though!!!! Now my quick break is over and its coffee time and time to get back to work!

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