Friday, July 13, 2012

Almost here!!!!!

It's getting closer.......

So I remember thinking, wow I have twenty something more days before we get this house, that's forever away! Well now guess what........THREE DAYS!

Everything seems to be set up and ready to go for Monday. We were able to get all our paperwork in line and sent to the banks. Everything that was asked from us, we were able to get together pretty fast and without error. Somethings were a little more complicated then others and some minor bumps in the road, BUT it all worked out in the end! I think this is definitely meant to be for us! So Monday at 2pm we will be in Fredericksburg signing our lives away! Then after that is when all the fun begins!

I need to get Hailey registered for Kindergarten. In order to do that, I have to have proof of residency and a valid VA drivers license. She also has to have all her physical forms filled out. I called the other day and she is all up to date on her shots, and is not ready for her five year old appointment (maybe because shes not 5 yet, duh Nikki!) and her physical is still good! So I need to drop the forms off to be filled out by the doctor. My plan is to do that bright and early Monday morning.

Also Monday morning, I am making a trip to social security. I guess it is time to officially change my name. I think it's weird when I have to call places or fill out Hailey's forms for schools and our last names don't match. I have been married for almost 5 years, so I guess it's time. Plus I have to get ideas and everything, so what better time then now!

Also on Monday, I need to get our EZ Pass! Especially with the whole moving process! That will make our going across the bridge just $1 verses $4!

So that leads me to Friday. I think I am going to request off next Friday with the goal of going to get a new license for VA. Before I head over there I can pick up Hailey's forms for the doctors. Then after I get the license I can go register her for Kindergarten! I saw that there is something special on July 24th for Kindergartners, so hopefully we can go to that if I have her registered in time! Plus I need that school list and to stop stressing over school!

After Hailey is registered then I can start the process of registering her for aftercare through the YMCA. They have a program that comes to school and stays with them until 6:30pm. They also have special camps during holiday breaks and on days off that you can drop the kids off and then do the aftercare. This will take ALOT of stress off from trying to find child care! Plus it's cheaper then I have been paying now.

So those are some of my huge concerns that need to get working on right away. From the day we sign, we have 30 days to get our vehicles titled, inspected, registered, and tagged.

I already have the electric set up for us on July 16th to be turned on in my name! That's pretty important! And we have homeowners insurance and our vehicles will be switched to the new address. That is also extra important (and saving us money!). Then we will continue to pack and move! Eventually I will get a clearer date of when we will be fully moved in so that I can get Comcast switch over there! I CANNOT be without internet with these two classes I am taking!

Then there is just the minor stuff like unregistering Hailey from St. Mary's county schools, changing all our account information, changing my work information, changing my credit cards and banking accounts over to the new address, changing tax information over, and getting my magazines switched and mail forwarded.

I guess it will all come together. I seem to be on top of knowing everything I need to do. I guess that the positive side of being a worry wart!

Also I will let you in on another secret.............well guess what! Our family is growing!!!!!

Yup, you read it right! Our family is going to be one person bigger! We are expecting a brand new KITTY CAT!!!What did you think I was talking about?!? Sheesh!

I am going with Hailey tonight to Heather's house to pick out a kitty cat! Her little hussy of a cat just had 6 adorable kittens! I am sooooo excited! I have always wanted a cat! And as much as Kenny hates the idea of cats and doesn't want one in our house, he is letting us get one! Well he never said yes, he just told me which one he liked! It also didn't hurt that when we were talking about them, I was in tears from my foot hurting so bad. So I think he felt a little bad for me! Wahoo!

So stayed tuned for more information about that! If I am estimating correctly, it will be able to come home with us at the end of August or early September! Yay! Super exciting!

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