Monday, July 2, 2012

Hailey Ballerina!

Since September, Hailey has been taking dance at Sharon's Studio of Dance! She was in the kindercombo class for four year olds that focused on tap, ballet, and gymnastics. I could go on and on about how much I love that dance studio, but I will just settle for saying it was a great year! Hailey came a long way. It was amazing to go there every Thursday for 9 months and watch how all the girls grew and changed so much! They were all so cute! The last class in June was Parent's Night so I got to sit in the room and watch her practice for her recital. When the class was finished all the girls got trophies! It was a special year for the dance studio, so all the girls got the 25th anniversary trophies! Hailey was very excited! It was her first trophy! She has already told Kenny that she needs shelf in her new room to put it on. Soooo cute!

June 16th was the recital! It was really cute! Hailey's class went on in the middle of the show, so it gave us an excuse to watch all the dance acts! Her dance was called My Special Date and at the very end of the song it says "and my special date is my DAD". After that each dad went up and gave their daughters a flower and walked them off the stage. It was sooooo cute! Hailey did very good! Actually all the girls did amazing! I can't believe how much our dancers have changed over the year!

Now for some pictures........

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  1. So cute! I cannot wait to do this with Chloe. Hailey looked so pretty! Where is the picture of Hailey and her mommy!?