Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10 Things On Tuesday!

1. We cheered at a different place tonight. It was a stadium with bleachers. It was kind of exciting and I think the girls enjoyed being on the field and looking into the stands. They even did their half time show on the steps next to us. Plus it was nice not having to lug around a chair.
2. I can't believe the fall sports season is almost over. We have one practice and one game left!
3. I did a good job not stressing over the possibility of a furlough this past weekend. I figured it would work itself out like it has in times past. I was wrong and now I am in full panic mode.
4. I am super bummed today and actually this past week. I have things on my mind and that are bothering me and I need to worry about. This is not helping at all! I didn't finally fall asleep until 4am this morning stressing about things. I had almost been up for almost 24 hours.
5. We went to the fall festival this past weekend and it was pretty awesome! I was impressed on the amount of stuff they had and the amount of people who came together to help out. Also the turnout was pretty amazing. We prepaid for our tickets so they were on .25 a piece. You could buy them there for .50 though. Each station was one or two tickets. Hailey played a "Pumpkin Walk" where all the kids walked around paper pumpkins on the ground that had numbers on it. They played music and when the music stopped you stood on the pumpkin in front of you. They drew a number and if you were standing on the number called you got to pick a pumpkin. Hailey was the first winner and picked out this nice huge pumpkin. Needless to say, I lugged that thing to the car before we did anything else. She went on a hayride, painted a little pumpkin, went through a spooky forest, threw a ball at a dunk tank to dunk a teacher and many more cool things. Each station you got punches on a card based off of what you won. At the end you turned your cards in and got to pick prizes. Like I said it was pretty awesome!
6. I have been sporting some not so pretty nail polish for the past few weeks. Last night I was in a group text message with some lovely ladies and we started talking about our toes and need for pedicures. We started sharing some pictures. This inspired me to remove the nail polish, cut and file my nails, and then put a fresh coat on! Not a pedicure, but a huge step up!
7. I had my follow up doctors appointment today. I have been having issues with my blood pressure spiking still, nothing like before, but it just isn't stable and is too high considering I take four different pills a day. One of the pills I take twice a day comes in a patch form. I am being switched to that so that hopefully it can release a steady dose of medication into my system. Plus she is hoping that I will be able to function a little better with it because the pill form makes me so very sleepy.
8. Apparently I am not very focused tonight because after number 7 I got up and got in the shower then decided to do a cooling face mask. I am back now and focused again!
9. I have read like 5 books in September alone. I just started a new one and am pretty excited about it!
10. My Barnes and Nobles gift card was emptied out with the last book I bought on my Ipad. Coincidentally enough I am like 10 surveys away from having enough points for a new $25 gift card! Wahoo!
Tomorrow is a new day! Hope your Tuesday was good!

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