Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday: Wednesday Edition!

It's Wednesssssday Tuessssssday again!!!!
1. So I am pretty sure you noticed it's actually Wednesday and no need to panic, we really aren't having a Tuesday redo! I tried to do this last night, but the only thing I could come up with is "1. I am to tired to think of anything". So I figured I would just do a special Wednesday edition!
2. We are suppose to get a snow storm tonight into tomorrow. For my area, I have heard anywhere from 4-8" to 12-18". So I have no clue what we will get and to be honest, if we will get even more than a dusting or an inch or two, I will be surprised. We have had some failed snow predictions this winter. I love the snow! And even more so I love snow days and days I get to work from home! So brinnnnng it!
3. I have an appointment with the high risk OB on Friday. I'm not sure what he will decide as far as my routine goes. His concern was that for someone who has high blood pressure the medicine was keeping it to low. We switched from 1200mg a day to 1000 a day, so there has been an increase in my blood pressure, but there is still times, especially in the day, where it will bottom out and I get very dizzy. It's that fine line between too high and too low.
4. I am over taking my blood pressure three times a day. I had to switch to an automatic arm cuff one to get more accurate results. The problem is that it is killing my wrist every time I take it the past few days. Like excruciating pain down my wrist and into my hand the entire time it's slowly ticking down. I had to redo it this morning and was almost in tears from the pain. It is is still aching even 2 hours later. But I am sure taking it three times a day every day, with redos sometimes, is really starting to take it's toll on it. Those machines are NOT friendly and my wrist is already cranky from the amount of times I have broken and injured it in my 26 years of life.
5. Hailey informed me that her half birthday is coming up. It's actually this Sunday the 16th and she will be 6 and a half. She then told me next she would turn 7, then 8, then one day 10, and 16, and 18 and then she will move out and have a family of her own and then I would be a grandmother soon after that.............yup, I def had tightness in my chest as the panic attack was beginning. Ahhhhhh!
6. The snow will probably cancel school on Friday which means I will have a very sad child! I tried to explain to her that if her party gets canceled Friday then they will just do it on Monday. Nope, not the same! But I do understand and remember what it was like to look forward to that kind of stuff.
7. I hate getting up early, but I enjoy being the only one in the office when I get here every morning. I usually have a full 30-60 minutes alone with peace and quiet before anyone else shows up. I know that once people get here the craziness from yesterday will continue into today as we try to get done everything that needs to be done in case we end up losing a day to snow, so I am enjoying it extra this morning.
8. Hailey's school is doing "One book, one school"  again this year. Every kid in the entire school gets the same book to bring home and read with their family. We are reading "Frindle" this year. We have a set schedule of what we are suppose to read each night and then the school does trivia and contests each day about what they read. I love this idea! And the awesome part is that it's a brand new book that they get to keep. That's how we ended up falling in love with the Humphrey series! That was our book last year.
9. Speaking of Frindle........yup, we definitely forgot to read chapter 4 last night! I remembered as I was walking out the door this morning so I left it on Kenny's chair and sent him a text so hopefully he would read it to her. I can only imagine the huffing and puffing he will make when he opens that text! Ha!
10. I can not wait to catch up on Teen Mom today at lunch!!!!!!
Happy Tuesday......I mean Wednesday!

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