Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Since You've Been Gone.....

It's amazing how time continues to go on, even when someone is gone. In both February 2006 and February 2010 I lost two people who meant the world to me. Though they left this world in completely different ways, they both left us way to soon. Time slowly heals the broken heart. I think of both of them often and my tears have slowly turned to smiles and laughs. I no longer remember the unbearable feeling in my chest when I think about them and how they are not here, but now I think about the happier times. I will be driving down the road and something will pop in my head and a memory of something crazy that Kevin would say will come along. I will smile and laugh to myself. Or something will come up from my childhood and I will think of my uncle Dave. Both men left a huge hole in my heart when they left.

Kevin was like an older brother to me and Dave was my favorite uncle that has been there since I was born. It breaks my heart to think on how much both have missed out on since they have been gone. Kevin left behind a wife and a one year old son. Dave left behind my Aunt and never got to meet his granddaughter. I hope they both are able to look down on us and see everything. That maybe Kevin gets to see how big and strong his son is growing up to be and how amazing his wife has done with him and making sure that though he may not remember his father first hand, Kevin's memory still lives on. And maybe Dave seems Jaime and laughs at how the little girl is a spitfire and so much like how her mother was when she was little.

I am glad that as time has passed I am able to remember the happier times now and have been able to push pass the sadness of their passing. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss both of them and wish things were different. They will always be in my heart and never forgotten.

David Strickland
March 13, 1959- February 19, 2010
Kevin Crine
January 30, 1974- February 08, 2006

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