Tuesday, February 4, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday again!!!!

1. I can not believe it's only Tuesday! I feel like this week has been so much longer! And it's only Tuesday morning at that!

2. I had the worse 6 hours of sleep last night. There were the nightmares, my hand kept falling asleep, Hailey came in crying and had me playing a guessing game of what was wrong, I had to use the bathroom twice and the damn dog kept whining! I was cranky when my alarm went off! Early bedtime tonight!

3. I am so glad I got to work from home yesterday! Nothing worse then going out in the nasty and rainy weather first thing in the morning!

4. I have been doing a good job taking my blood pressure three times a day, despite the fact that the stupid cuff always pinches me and leaves blood marks! My readings are up, but I am not sure if he is going to be happy with them or not since they aren't at my "magic numbers".

5. I started on the basement this past weekend and am so glad that we have finally made a dent! Hopefully there will be much more progress to come in the next few weeks!

6. I have back to back meetings from 10:30am-2pm today! Busy, busy, day here! (That's why I am taking the time to write this now while I have a quick break!)

7. I turned down an offer for an interview. At first I had accepted and then by Sunday night I was so sick to my stomach worrying about it. I ended up declining it in the morning. It was in the same directorate, but different division. It potentially could have gotten me a higher grade that I have been really working for and can't get here. The only problem is that with being pregnant and needing flexibility with my appointments, I am not sure if I could get the same in another division. Though I am unhappy here, these people know me and care about me. They let me telework when I have an appointment and there is usually no issue with me taking off. They ask me how I am doing and if there is anything they can do to help. So yes more money would be great, especially in the long run, but I can almost guarantee I would not have the same flexibility which means I would end up having to use most my leave before the baby even comes. I am slightly disappointed in myself, but I just didn't feel this was a good time to make that jump. If it was in another directorate then sure I would have interviewed, but in this directorate the grass is not always greener on the other side.

8. Yesterday was report card day for us! Hailey is doing pretty good and for the most part had a very good report. There are some thing the teacher said I need to work on at home with her to help her get speed and fluency (addition and subtraction, fact families, some of the sight words, ect.). I need to start looking on pinterest at ways I can help her with those things!

9. I am very anxious today for some reason and keep bouncing my legs! I hate feeling anxiety, especially for no real reason. Even worse I know it is bothering the baby since she keeps flipping around while I am bouncing. Poor little girl, Mommy just can't help it!

10. I need to work on Valentines this week/weekend with Hailey. I have had all the stuff to make them since the beginning of January. I just needed the name list so she can write all the names on them first before we put them together. Now I have had the name list for a week now and still haven't done anything with them! And now we also need to make a Valentine's box using a cereal box. The teacher sent home the instructions and the I bought some stuff to cover and decorate it with yesterday. Now I just need to get the motivation to get my machines out so I can cut some letters for it and start building it! Hailey has been more than patiently waiting!

So what 10 things would you like to share this Tuesday?!

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