Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!

Wahoo! Finally it's Tuesday and one day closer to the weekend!

1. I am pretty good about keeping an eye on my checking account. I noticed on Sunday a $5 charge to somewhere called FRG Fanstore. Then I saw $5 was reversed from the same name. I tried to think what it could be and what maybe I could be missing, but I figured it canceled itself out so it was no big deal. Then Sunday night I saw a charge to Itunes. I spent like 45minutes going through my whole account, searching my inbox for a receipt, checking my subscriptions to make sure nothing renewed and nothing. I decided to Google that other charge and see where that store was. Apparently its a surf shop in FL and there were pages upon pages of people who had been hit with credit card fraud and it all started with the same $5 charge and reversal. The site said it's a way to check the card number out. So I didn't make that Itunes charge, which means that someone had hacked my account. What was nerve racking was the fact the call center for Bank of America was closed so I laid in bed all Sunday night wondering what other charges were taking place.

2. I called BOA first thing in the morning and my debit card has been canceled. Luckily nothing more has popped up, but I was told to watch my account for the next few days. They also can't do anything about the money missing until the charges actually go from pending to posted. I am just lucky that I caught it so quickly before more damage was done.

3. This whole issue leaves me debit cardless for about a week! And even sadder than that is the fact it was my Hello Kitty card that they do not make anymore! I had been nursing that thing for almost a year ago. It was broken in half and taped with packing tape back together. I never wanted to turn it in because I knew that they were no more.

4. I have been really upset about the tax situation. Even more so since I threw the numbers into Turbo Tax and got something completely different. We still were owing, but not as much. I finally called and talked with the tax lady and after spending an hour on the phone with her, we got our numbers to match. I think she had originally filed them the standard way, but the itemized way worked out better for us? I am not sure, but once we got our number closer together I was much happier. I now owe $1100 instead of almost $1800. You would have thought she told us we were getting that money back instead of owing it! I was so happy and excited! I mean come on that's at $700 savings! The reality of the situation still sucks and we still don't know what we are going to do, but we are owing a lot less then we thought! If there's a bright side to the situation, then that would be it!

5. I can't believe February is already coming to an end. I have a lot going on in March and April so I feel like those months will fly by! Time needs to slow down so I can have time to get things ready for the baby!

6. I am overly excited that I have both my high risk doctor and my OB appointment scheduled for Thursday! The only reason this is, is because it means I get to take a day off work! Also I have a growth scan on Emily at the high risk doctors to make sure she is growing right. That is the main challenge for her when my blood pressure isn't right. So I am excited to see baby girl of course and know she is just fine in there!

7. I ran my numbers to figure out if there was any way that I could be a SAHM, even just for a year or so, and the verdict was nope. And then of course I sat here sad. Poo!

8. This past weekend it was in the 60's and beautiful and today we had snow and now we are calling for 1-3" in my area for the morning. Crazy weather, but I will be happy if it buys me a telework day!!!!

9. I think I have slowly begun to rekindle a friendship that I thought was once lost. I've had a lot of heartache about it and finally had begun to accept it, but I decided to reach out one last time. To my surprise we spent a long time talking back and forth and did some catching up. I'm glad I decided to make that one last effort!

10. I was on a roll last night when it came to getting things done. Tonight, not so much! Still figuring out what's for dinner.

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