Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ten things on Tuesday

1. Two blog posts in a week! Someone give me an award! Ha! I'm hoping to get back to it a lot more.

2. Emily is 8 weeks old tomorrow. Pump your breaks girlfriend, you are growing way to fast for Momma!

3. My paycheck was short by 19 hours last pay period and after a lot of back and forth today with work, we got it figured out what happened. I was told in July that I would be fine and should be covered all but maybe two days for the entire duration of my leave, but my check this period will be 35 hours short. I guess better then nothing! Still sucks and makes me mad!

4. Money is a huge weight on my shoulders right now. Not to mention the mail I got today for $500 for two deductibles that we now owe for both girls. We have so much going on with bills and I can NEVER seem to get ahead.

5. Hailey wants EVERYTHING for her birthday and is having some really bratty moments about it. I'm just going to prepare for her to be disappointed come time for her birthday.

6. I hate that I buy stuff and then stew over everything until I end up having to take things back. I need to go return things this week.

7. I washed my foyers walls today with a magic eraser. It's been driving me nuts.

8. Hailey has become very hard to shop for when it comes to clothes. I ordered jeans for her and a new pair of shoes. I'm hoping she might get a bit of money for her birthday for a new top or two.

9. I had to take a break while typing this to let my phone dry out since someone (not naming any names) decided to projectile vomit all over my hand and phone. Ick! Also I learned I can't type very well without the case. So weird!

10. This weekend we have a cook out with Kenny's family for his brother getting ready to move to Guam. There will be crabs and I am soooo looking forward to that! And also for everyone to meet Emily, most of his family haven't yet! 

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