Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuesday and that's something to smile about!!!!
1. Hailey celebrated her 7th birthday this past weekend. We had a Monster High party with the family on Saturday and a Build a Bear party with her childhood friends on Sunday! It was a busy weekend, but she had so much fun!
2. I got a letter earlier this month in the mail telling me I had jury duty for the month of Septemeber and a mandatory orientation for tonight! Ekkkk! I called the courthouse and told them I had just had a baby, they told me to write a letter, and I called today and had been excused! Wahoo!
3. Speaking of court, I NEED to get the Jeep inspected this weekend so I have the paperwork for court on Sept. 4th for my inspection ticket. Not looking forward to driving all the way to Prince William county for that, but I also don't think I need to pay the $116 fine for having an expired inspection sticker in my window. This is one of the few things I miss about Maryland! No yearly inspections!
4. I really want to grow my blog a bit, but really don't know how or really what to talk about. I'm kind of boring! I do have a few readers who have stuck with me and I'm very grateful!

5. I didn't take many pictures this weekend and Hailey noticed. She said "great! Now I won't have any memories of my 7th birthday!" Opps! Sorry kid, I was living in the moment plus after being 15 minutes late to your own party, I was kind of flustered! 

6. I already know my new years resolution! I have to work on this being late thing! I plan on being early, but by the time we get out the door we are on time, then add some traffic in the mix and we become late! Getting out the door with two kids is harder than one! 

7. Emily was awake when I left yesterday. It made me cry leaving! Today She woke up with my alarm so since I've been giving myself extra time in the morning, I was able to feed her and cuddle her a bit before getting ready! 

8. I knew my paycheck was going to be short this past Friday by 35 hours, but what I was not prepared for is them losing 40 hours mysteriously and only getting paid for 5 hours. Of course it was on the day they were doing their annual maintenance on the time programs. Luckily the 40 hours got deposited today! 

9. I've brought my lunch every day since I've been back! Today was a salad with shrimp. Yummm! 

10. I've been drinking a ton of water again. I'm trying to get in at least 80oz. That makes me happy! The little things that count!

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  1. I'm glad Hailey had a good birthday and you got dismissed from jury duty. I don't think they dismiss you from jury duty around here unless your dead LOL

    No inspections in Kentucky either- I wouldn't like that

    I'm always late and I mean's not on purpose, it just happens

    I wish I could make myself drink water. I bet I haven't had a full glass of water in years. Can you imagine how dehydrated I probably am?