Tuesday, September 11, 2012

30 things (16)

Best of Both Worlds

16. What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

This is a tough one, beacuse I never have felt like I accomplished anything. Like I can accomplish small tasks, but I have never really thought of my greatest accomplishments.....hmmmmm.....

1. I guess my first is my daughter. Though she isn't perfect, she is a good girl! She is polite and sweet for the most part and pretty well behaved. I accomplished teaching her all of that.

2. My schooling. I hit a whole bunch of bumps in the road when it comes to school and it hasn't been easy. I got my associates in January 2012 and I have worked my butt off and should graduate with my bachelors next spring!

3. I guess I could add that I graduated high school. Though I hung out with friends who barely passed, I graduated with high honors and with a medal from being in the scholars course of studies. I also graduated pretty high on the list of my classmates. Like in the 30's. With a class of a couple hundred kids, thats pretty good in my books!

4. My bestest friend is an accomplishment! We met in 8th grade and even though we are so much alike we are sooooo different, but somehow we have always managed to stay best friends. She had a completely different group of friends in school. She was in the band and played soccerr. And I hung out with a lot of guys and was into cars and trucks. I played field hockey which you know theres rivalarly with those two sports. Her friends didn't like me, and to be honest I wasn't that thrilled with them. She went away to college and we didn't talk for months. Then somehow I ended up deciding to move with her and we got an apartment. Then I got pregnant and moved back to southern Maryland. Then she stayed there. Then she moved to VA. And now I moved to VA. Haha we are a piece of work! We have had very few fights, but have never gone more then a day mad at each other. We have gotten jealous of each other, but not enough to not be happy for the other person. We have been through major life events for each other and no matter where we were, we always knew we were there for one another. The funny thing is that we don't talk that much. Once every few weeks, and we hardly ever text. And we would go months without seeing each other, but we just had that bond that no matter where we picked up, it was like we never left off before! She lives 20 minutes away now and we still don't talk or text every day, or even see each other every week. I guess that is what makes this friendship such an accomplishment!

5. I guess my 5th accomplishment is getting this job I am at now. It took ALOT of mental work to get this job. My old job was very close knit and it was soooooo hard even thinking of leaving them. I had been there for 5 years. I am not one for change, and this new job was a huge change. I went from a job 20 minutes down the road to one over an hour away in the city. I had to learn about commuting and believe me, my first weeks were hard and I wanted to quit and go back. But I have stuck through it and I continue to work at it. Its not always fair and you don't get the same kind caring feeling that you get from a small company. I went from being higher up in a company of 12 employees to being at the very bottom of a company of over 2000. So the fact that I stepped out of my box and have continued at it is an accomplishment.

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