Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 Things On Tuesday!

I saw this last week on Joni's and Heather's blogs and thought it was a cute idea! Of course when I read about it, it was already Wednesday! Boo! So I was excited to do it this Tuesday! Wahoo!
1. Last week the flu decided to pay me a visit and believe me it was a long unwanted visit! Now I am much better, but dealing with the aftermath that turned into a double ear infection and a upper respiratory infection. Hopefully it will be on it's way out soon! I already feel better then I did when I woke up this morning!
2. Being able to get on a vanpool has made a huge improvement in my work week! Not only am I consistent on what time I get to work, but I also get home a lot earlier! I didn't realize HOV lanes would make that huge of a difference! Another thing is I don't have to drive and I am saving a ton on gas!
3. Tonight's mission includes dropping off Hailey's soccer registration to Parks and Rec! She is really excited and I am excited for her! It's 6 weeks on Saturday's starting in April. I wasn't able to do dance or gymnastics this year since it was such a huge adjustment with the move, so I am glad she is doing a little something special. Plus a team sport will be a good experience for her!
4. Being sick messed up my weight watchers! I wasn't able to get out of bed for the first two days so I lived on ginger ale during the day and wawa at midnight when the hubs would get home. Do you know between my one meal and drinking real soda, I was going over on my points! But, don't worry I am back on track now!
5. I made pot roast last night and it smelt and tasted so good. I have been sitting her thinking about it all afternoon! I can't wait for dinner so I can have leftovers!
6. I made a goal to get to the gym one day last week and being sick made it not happen! Hopefully, I will be able to meet that goal this week! YMCA here I come!
7. I got a new doctor in our area. Actually I got a whole slew of doctors. It's called the Pratt Practice! And what makes it cool is that it's all the different types of doctors, like an internal medicine, pediatrician, cardiologist, oncologist, gyno/ob, and the list goes on and on! So when I go to one doctor, they can see all my results and notes from my other doctors! No more repeating and filling out paper work! In fact, I had a sonogram done on Friday and at 9am on Monday the doctor called me with the results! I have never had results that fast! They are really awesome!
8. I think I like number 7 so much because in the past couple months I watched every episode of Private Practice on Netflix. It reminds me of that haha!
9. Speaking of Netflix, I used my sickness last week as an excuse to watch the whole season 6 of Army Wives! Now I can't wait for season 7 to come out next year on Netflix!
10. I am going insane waiting for blood test results for something that could ultimately change my life forever. I did the second round blood work on Friday and I am sure the results are not in yet. I couldn't help but call my doctor's office first thing this morning to inquire when they think they will be in. I hate waiting and especially for something like this! Keeping positive!

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