Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Hailey and her Boyfriend!

On the right we have Hailey and on the left we have Jr.
If you ask Hailey who Jr is, she will quickly tell you that's her long term boyfriend.
"We have been dating for a while" she says.
The other night Heather sent me this picture of the kids from a Birthday party.
It just so happened Meagan and her husband has joined us for dinner at our house that night. I should Meagan the picture of the two of the kids and this is what happened next.
Hailey: "That's my boyfriend"
Meagan: "I thought you had a new boyfriend at school"
Me: "She does, that's Tyler. She dates them both, but Jr. has always been her boyfriend"
Hailey: "Yeah Tyler is also my boyfriend, but he's kinda just like an appetizer"
The rest of us: ::Speechless::
Yup, that would be the words of my 5 year old! HA!
So apparently in Hailey's eyes..........
Here we have Tyler.....
and here is Jr the main course!
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