Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday again!!!!
1. I had to restart my healthy eating! I was feeling like crap from all the junk I had been eating. Luckily I hopped back in yesterday and did great both yesterday and today! Hoping that I continue on this path!
2. I really need to get to the gym. I quit curves so the only time I can go is at work at lunch. You would think that would be more convenient......nope I still am not motivated!
3. Blogger has made some updates and it is messing with the template on my blog. I had the designer I got it from working on it yesterday and she said all the templates on her test sites were also having issues. She is suppose to get back to me when she figures it out. Until them my title of my page will have to be all one word, if it isn't it put one word on each line and runs into my posts.
4. I need to redo my blog. I always am thinking of stuff to talk about and post, but I either start and don't finish or I don't start at all. I want to kind of change the direction of my blog. I typically do link ups and I think I want to make it a little more personal and share some of my thoughts.
5. Cheer is going good! It's actually going by pretty fast now! I can't believe that we already on the second week of September. We have 6 games left and like 7 practices. I just got a practice schedule last night, so now I can plan a little bit better.
7. Tonight is my grocery store night and I haven't figured out exactly what we need. I will have to make my list on the way home, if not then I wander around aimlessly and end up forgetting things!
8. Kenny and I had a serious talk last night. We have been having some minor issues that would eventually turn into bigger ones if they went the way they were heading. I feel like we both calmy talked it out and listened to each other sides and thoughts. The whole conversation turned out pretty good and made me realize how far we have come over the years.
9. I got a bill from a doctors office from a procedure I had in February. Apparently the insurance company did not pay anything on it. They are kindly asking for $928 by Oct. 3rd.......ummmm I don't think so! Now the fun is going to begin with having to contact the insurance company. I just didn't have the energy last night.
10. I have really tightened down on my spending and where my money goes. I have make sure that every transaction is categorized and is put towards my budget. Though I haven't been saving anything, I haven't been really over spending either. It makes me much happier knowing exactly where every penny is going. 
Well those are my thoughts for today! What would you like to share this Tuesday? 

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