Tuesday, September 24, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday again!!!!
1. Tonight is back to school night for elementary schools in the county! I can't wait to go see everything that Hailey has been working on this month!
2. Week four started this week for school and Hailey has already misplaced her agenda book. I am pretty sure she didn't bring it home on Friday, but she said she was pretty sure it wasn't in her desk. We looked around the living room and dining room last night, but didn't see it. I'm going to be upset if I have to buy a new one. Fingers crossed it's at school.
3. We went to a Build a Bear birthday party for one of Hailey's longest friends. I was highly impressed with how smooth the party went and how much fun all the kids had. Hailey had a blast and is in love her her black Halloween cat she made!
4. I am loving my curtains in my living room. They are nothing special just brown sheers, but they look really nice! I have had them up for like 3 weeks now and every day I evening I come home and smile because it just adds an extra cozy feel to my living room. Now I just got to pay that Kohl's bill off!
5. I hosted craft night last Thursday with one of my best friends. We made burgers on the grill and I cut everything out Wednesday night to create a Halloween banner! It came out great!! And catching up with her was nice since it had been three weeks since we had last talked. That's just kind of how our relationship has always been. We are suppose to alternate craft night every other week. So next week we will be doing dinner at her house and making something crafty of her choice.
6. I have been so so sooooo tired lately. The thing about it is that when I crawl into bed I just can't fall asleep and I seem to wake up a lot once I do finally fall asleep. I hate when this happens!
7. The PTA's Fall Festival is this Sunday! We missed last years festival so I am glad we can make it this year. I am also donating a cake for the cake walk. I wish I could donate more time throughout the year to do things with the PTA, but I am happy to help when I can.
8. My Mom's birthday is Saturday. She has been having a rough couple of weeks, so I am hoping that she will have a good day on Saturday. I plan on making her a cake and having dinner with her. I also am excited for her gift that I ordered for her off of Etsy. It was actually a saying she had pinned on Pinterest and had told me she loved. I went to her boards and found it and searched for it on Etsy and there it was! I found a nice black frame to put it in last night while we were at Walmart. I'm excited!
9. The house has been looking fairly decent lately. I have even been keeping up with the dishes! If I could just get our rooms straight, then we would be in good shape! I'm just going to leave out the part about the basement with tons of boxes......yup lets just not mention anything about that!
10. I am patiently waiting to see pictures of Hailey's 6 year old shoot! My best friend took them for me and has been teasing me with little sneak peeks! She doesn't give herself enough credit, but she is amazing with the camera and really knows how to catch the perfect pictures so it makes me super excited to see them!
Those are my ten things for the day! What would you like to share?!

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  1. Woo for keeping up with dishes! You wanna come and do mine for me right??