Friday, September 13, 2013

The Seasons Are Changing!

It's almost here! It's almost hereeeeee!

As you can see, I am very excited to see that fall time is coming! The leaves are starting to change, the nights have been cooler, and we even got a nice little cold front to remind us that the change is coming!

I have always been a lover of fall! Even as long as I can remember, I have always loved all the beauty of the changes of leaves. As I have gotten older I have really began to take in and appreciate everything fall brings. Being that we live in the "sticks", I spend most my trips home on back roads. You know, those windy backroads where the tree branches hover and the leaves make it look like you are going through a tunnel. I love the summer when it's all green, but nothing beats when the leaves begin to change and the tunnel is now full of different colors! Sometimes I get overwelmed by the beauty of it all! Can you tell I am pasionate about fall yet?

Another favorite of mine is decorating! I am a huge fanatic when it comes to fall and Halloween stuff! I have collected so much over the years! I love getting it all out and standing back and looking at everything I have done! I love the way Hailey's face lights up when she sees it! She gets just as excited looking at it all as I do! I have everything to do the bathroom in and also most of my kitchen is as well! Last year with the move, we didn't get to decorate as much since my boxes were hard to get to! This year will be different and I have already started putting the new things that I have grabbed out and I am hoping to really start digging into my old things any day now! And Hailey has asked me at least three times when our scarecrow family is going outside and reminds me that she wants to help! Once I place my family of three scarecrows in the yard, it will mean that I will also need to go take down my little froggie flags and replace them with my halloween ones! And I already replaced my summer door wreath with a Halloween one this past weekend (I'll share in another post)!

Everyone who knows me knows my love for Scentsy! I mean come on, I love it so much I sell it! Well as much as I love my fall scentsy scents, I couldn't help but smell the bath and bodyworks candle called Pumpkin Cupcake! HOOKED! Yes, you read that right! I am hooked and I have already burned through a whole mason jar candle and am half way through another one! Mmmm it smells amazing! I also am a sucker for sales, so I marched my butt over there when I got an email for a one day only sale on the scent bulbs! Who wouldn't want their room to smell like that! Especially for just $2.50! So I grabbed a handful of those and then I got suckered into the handsoap deal so now I have pumpkin cupcake handsoap in my kitchen and plenty of backup for when I use it all up!

We established that pumpkin everything is in full swing! As much as I have been cutting out coffee and the extra calories, I could not make it through the season without a Pumpkin Spice Latte! I grabbed one on my drive home from Maryland last Sunday and it was just as amazing as I have remembered! Besides that one moment to induldge, I have been trying to stay away from most of the ever so tempting pmpkin sweets!

Since fall is here, it is time to start making plans for weekends of fun celebrating the arrival of my favorite season! I LOVE haunted houses and attractions! Before I had Hailey, literally every weekend was spent going somewhere to a haunted attraction! We did pretty much every corn maze in Southern Maryland and went to any fall events I could find! Since we had Hailey we haven't been able to do as much, but we still do a lot! This year I'm hoping to hit a couple pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Also go to some of the Halloween and fall festivals in the area. I also have always wanted to go to Skyline Drive up in the Blue Ridge Mountains where you can really do some sight seeing and take in the colors of the changing leaves, especially since its so close now to where we live! I'd love to take Hailey to down town Fredericksburg to the trick or treating event We did last year! And not to mention carve a pumpkin!

Ahhhhh! Its almost here!!! As much as I love summer, I can't wait for hoodie weather and all the amazing things that comes along with the fall season!

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