Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WW: First Day of First Grade!

Well yesterday was the day! You know the one that I have been anxiously waiting for, being excited about and worrying about all at the same......yup you know what day it was......THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Let's just say that the first day and even six weeks of Kindergarten last year did not go so well for Hailey! By the end of the year she was happy and loving life with a classroom full of new friends and an amazing teacher, so we were sad to see that school year end. This year with a new teacher and a new classroom full of people, I just was not sure how it would go! I knew she would either love it and pick up where she left off last year or it would be last years nightmare all over again!

So the verdict is in.......... SHE LOVED IT! She like she her new teacher, was able to find the classroom, and really was able to get in the swing of things. The best part of all was there was no tears on her first day of school! Wahoo!

So now with that being all said and done with I am sure you are only interested in the "Wordless" part of this Wednesday! So here are the pictures from yesterday's first day of school!



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