Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts!

Thursday Thoughts
Today I am linking up with the awesome Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom! And since I didn't do my 10 things on Tuesday post (again), I have lots of thoughts to share!
So what are my thoughts this Thursday?! Well for starters......
- I am getting more and more excited that it's September and the holidays are coming. I LOVE decorating, especially for Halloween. I have collected so many cool things over the years and love setting them all up! Last year I didn't do much decorating, which was a bummer, but this year I am going to get back in the grove! This weekend (the weekend after labor day) is always when I start so it sounds like a plan for our planless Saturday plus Kenny will be working so less mouth I will have to hear about it! Ha!
- I have been having the worse time making good choices when it comes to eating. I have been tracking every calorie, but I still have been slacking a lot with healthy foods.
- My new medicine was a fail and ended up raising my blood pressure to crazy rates, which is the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do. So now I am back on my old one and we will have to play with it again in a couple weeks after I stable out. And thanks to my awesome insurance company who will not cover any less than 90 days worth of pills, I now have 84 pills left of a medicine I can't use. Makes a lot of sense right?!
- Today is my first day back to work since school started and it sucks. Again, I am having an issue with having to work and be so far away from Hailey. I hate the fact I don't get to get her ready for school in the mornings. I hate the fact I don't get her on the bus. And even more I hate the fact that she is stuck at aftercare and can't just come home after school. It really bums me out and there is nothing I can do about it right now.
- I pretty much want everything at the moment. Thirty one came out with their new stuff so of course I want some new organizing bags. And Scentsy has their new stuff and I am in love with one of the Halloween warmers. Also not to mention all the different things I see online that I want! I am just lucky that I have control because if not, I would be in a lot of trouble!
- My best friend was kind enough to agree to take pictures of Hailey for her 6th Birthday! I can't wait to see them! She has been teasing me with little sneek peeks which makes me even more excited! Ekkkkk!
- I found my federal id this morning! This is good news because now there isn't a breech in security and I won't have to go through that whole mess. No need to sound the alarms anymore!
- I rely on Kenny helping me with cheerleading on Thursday's since that is a terrible traffic day and I get to the parking lot late. Tonight is a game at 6pm over at Patriot Park which is about 20 minutes from the park and ride. The bad thing is he has to work now so that means I need to drive 20 minutes in the other direction once I get off the van, sign her out from YMCA, get her dressed in her unifrom, and then get her to the game by 6. That's not going to happen, but hopefully we won't be too far behind! Fingers crossed for a good traffic day!
- I had a pinterest success this past weekend and a pinterest fail last night.
Meatloaf made with stove top stuffing. Gets rave reviews and SUPER easy. 1 Pound Ground Meat (Beef or Turkey) 1 Egg 1 Box Stuffing Mix 1 Cup Water Mix everything together, smoosh it into a loaf pan, and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.
Meatloaf using stove top stuffing mix......SUCCESS! It was very good, easy, and got thumbs up!
and Crockpot Chicken Tacos
was a major FAIL! The little bit I could get to come off the bottom of the pot was hard and the rest was burnt stuck. Not sure where I went wrong, but it def turned into a McDonald's night!
 PS: Anyone have good tips for removing burntness? Soaking and scrubbing isn't working!
- And since the above happened last night which meant no left overs, I had to bring a frozen dinner for my lunch. But I am not going to lie, I am pretty pumped about this meal! Yummmm, roasted chicken, potatoes, and corn!
So I think that's enough thinking for me this Thursday! Any thoughts you want to share?

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  1. omg that is terrible. i would fill it up with water and turn it back on?