Tuesday, March 18, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!

Wahoo! Finally it's Tuesday and one day closer to the weekend!
1. Oh boy! It sure has been a week so far! I am renaming Tuesday's Tired Tuesdays because I am super exhausted!
2. I got my wish yesterday! We had a snow day! Woot woot! That meant not only did I not have to work, but I didn't have to go to the stupid communication workshop for work! That's a serious win/win for me!
3. I was hoping my snow day yesterday would roll into an unscheduled telework day today. I didn't get to bed until almost midnight and then I woke up probably 10 times seeing if I had a message from work saying that it was liberal leave/2 hour delay/unscheduled telework. And at 4:30am when Kenny crawled into bed waking me up, I checked my phone to find we were open and to report on time. Bummer!
4. I had to call and ask Kenny to put my roast in the crock pot for me. Poor baby had to "find" it in the fridge, pour the cup of water I had sitting out on the counter in the crock pot that I had sitting there ready, and sprinkle some seasoning on it that I already had sitting out. I assume the hardest part was switching the knob to "low" since he didn't even have to plug it in. Good thing he doesn't like pot roast because with all that pouting I might not have shared anyways! But I am very excited to have dinner cooking for me right now! Woot woot!
5. I cleaned and set up my closet yesterday. This is HUGE! I have thought about doing this since I have moved in and knowing that a lot of the boxes that need to be unpacked need to go into my closet, it had to be done. The thing that was holding me back the most was that I had stuff dumped in my closet from when we moved and different things I had put in there. So yesterday I finally put on my big girl pants and got to it! It looks amazing and I am so excited! Kenny even put together the cube organizer I have had sitting in a box for three years! Now I just need to figure out which box has the little cubes that go in the organizer!
6. While cleaning my closet, I went through the makeup/lotions/perfume that I have had for years in bins. This was all stuff from growing up and when I was in school and stuff I hadn't seen since I moved from Baltimore. As hard as it was, I threw out almost everything. The stuff was old (some over 20 years old) so it had to go. I did love going through the stuff while it was going into the trash! Lots of cool stuff! Poo!
7. I was super productive Sunday afternoon. I took 6 black bags to Goodwill, a box to Once Upon a Child, ran into target, made a return to Kohls, and a return to Best Buy! I checked a LOT off my list of things I have been meaning to do!
8. I made the decision to take back all the picture frames I had bought in November from Kohls for the entryway/ stairways. They hadn't been hung and I was still paying my over sized bill from holiday shopping at Kohls. So I just decided they had to go. It helped get me back $47 so that's a good thing.
9. Hailey lost another tooth last night! That makes 6 and all her front teeth are now  gone! I also googled yesterday why her adult teeth are coming in yellowish. I was worried it was her brushing of her new teeth. I was surprised to read that this is normal! Baby teeth are actually named "milk teeth" and are super white. When the new adult teeth come in next to the baby teeth it makes them look yellow. They said it's actually an optical illusion. Good to know!
10. It was pointed out to me the other day by one of my friends that when I take a handful of jelly beans, I sort them by color and only eat them one color at a time. I had never noticed I did that. ! I just looked down and realized I was doing it as I was typing this post. The things you do unconsciously!
Hope you are having a good start to the week! What ten things do you want to share this Tuesday?!

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  1. Sounds like you have been super productive. If you have spare motivation, please feel free t send it to over this way!