Tuesday, March 25, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!

Wahoo! Finally it's Tuesday and one day closer to the weekend!

1. It's 9:30 and I really should be getting ready for bed, but instead I'm blogging and smelling scentsy to see which ones smell good. 4:30am is not going to be my friend!

2.  Ordered new phones (sorry it's not an iPhone, we decided on the Samsung galaxy) which was buy one get one free plus they were on sale AND an instant $50 rebate! And wait there is more!!! We get $200 bill credit for activating our phones! And we were suppose to have free overnight shipping, but after talking to a rep online and then phone calls with Verizon customer service, the phones will be delivered tomorrow after only getting two day shipping, only problem is that there will be no one to sign for them! So I guess they will be here Thursday when Kenny will be home to sign for them. Oh well, good things come to those who wait and I scored a extra $25 off for all the trouble! So they pretty much paid us two new phones and a month free service for upgrading and having issues!

3. Washing machine isn't working right and my clothes are stuck in there with a bunch of water and the latch is locked. Kenny is suppose to look into it tomorrow and hopefully fix it. Fingers crossed! I've been researching it and it sounds like coin trap or hose is clogged.

4. The above load of laundry was suppose to be finished Sunday night, but when I went to get it out tonight, apparently a ball of clothes bounced against the door which opened it and not allowing it to finish drying. So they were all wet and needed washing again!

5. I had my first Scentsy party for the year Sunday. I love them and I love watching everyone smell all the scents! People have such different taste! I wish I could have them all the time, but I've not figured that one out. I need to find new people to host! I really do love the product and enjoy it as a hobby!

6. I'm blown away how far Hailey has come with reading. She sat and read to me last night and barely needed any help and it was a book we've never read. She's doing amazing!

7. It snowed today but stuck to everything but the roads and sidewalks. We got about 3" but then it melted some with rain, but picked back up to accumulating as the night has gone on. I decided to request to telework in advance since I never know what schools will decide to do, but it ended up being a full day.

8. I need to request to telework again Friday and next Tuesday. I'm not sure if I'll be approved, but I have OB appointment and glucose test round 2 on Friday and baby bean growth scan with high risk specialist on Tuesday. So it's either try to telework around appointments or burn up my leave.

9. I have had the worse panic and anxiety lately. Like to the point I can't function and am always shaking. I know I'm overwhelmed and have a lot to do and on my mind, but this is not helping. I had my Zoloft bumped up last month and feel less sad and depressed, but worse with anxiety. A couple people on my Mommy boards told me to look into it more because some people have adverse effects with anxiety on Zoloft.

10. I guess I should go to bed. On the bright side I have a new episode of Teen Mom to watch tomorrow and I packed a lunch to look forward too! Wahoo! Bring on Wednesday! (Okay, not really but I figured maybe the enthusiasm would help!)

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  1. We are still getting snow too, I'm so ready for Winter to just be over
    Sounds like a great deal on the phones.I had a Galaxy and loved it..