Friday, March 14, 2014

5 Things on Friday!

1. What a long week it has been! I mean seriously, this week has gone on forever and was jammed pack full of meetings that I handle the logistics on. I usually am only responsible for a few a year, but just this week alone I had four panel meetings overlapping! I was going crazy and I am happy to report that everything went flawless! No issues at all! Considering there was over 50 people, both virtual and onsite, nothing went wrong! I was expecting the worse and it turned out amazing! I am actually pretty proud of myself!
2. I am excited for things I have coming up in the next month! There will be lots of friends and lots of celebrations of all kinds from a bridal shower to a princess birthday party! I am pretty excited about it all! And next weekend we are going to the circus with my cousins. Last year I told her was our last year due to the ticket prices and I was fine when the emails and flyers came and went accepting the fact that there would be no more circus for atleast a whiile. I was very surprised when I got a message from asking me what we were doing on the 22nd and telling me she had bought us tickets for the circus, her treat! I thought that was really sweet and I am very excited. This has always kind of been a tradition for us to go together even before we had kids. Now that the girls are getting older I love being able to see them enjoy it together! I am very appreciative of that gift!
3. Let's talk skincare! I have become obsessed with trying to figure out a routine. I have collected things over the time and collected information on different products. I have really been trying to make a point (okay I just started like yesterday) to get into some kind of routine morning and night! There is so many things I want to try (thank you Jaclyn Hill!) and I have a list created on Sephora's website. It's killing me not to buy even a small thing! I just want it all! But I keep reminding myself I already have a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, night cream, beauty oil, and vitamin c serum which means I need to use up all that stuff first! But I'll admit that the GlamGlow Thirsty Mud mask looks like it could be life changing! But I am pretty sure I said the same about the stuff I already have so I will have to stick to this stuff first! Grown up decisions suck!
4. Oh Emily! You are a mess already. You are still loving staying breached and I know this because I feel your kicks down low in areas that I would prefer not to and not to mention that lump right under my left side of my ribs. Yup, that would be your head! You love laying like that! We won't mention the fact that every time I stand up I feel like I need to run to the bathroom for some little drips. Silly girl! Less then 14 weeks left!
5. I will keep this one simple, one word.......SNOW! Yup, Monday is looking like a possible snow day and I am hearing over 4 inches in the burg as it looks right now. I have never heard so many people in my office wishing for snow because we were told if the government delays or authorizes liberal/telework, that we will move our communications retreat/intervention/workshop to mid April. No one is feeling this whole thing! On the other hand, we already have lengthened the school days so I am not sure what the county will do if there is snow!
Happy Friday!!!!

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