Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So What Wednesday!

Today I am linking up with the lovely Shannon over at L.A.I.D for another edition of
So What Wednesday!
Today I am saying "So What If" to:
- Shannon is skipping this this week so I am not really "linking up". I haven't "So What"ed in a while, so I am just going to do it on my own!
- I want to kick people out of my Division Director's office. Her office is right across from my cube so I hear a lot of what goes on and man are some of these people whiny! I just want to yell "you've been here 5 times already and it's not even 9am. Go away you are annoying!" And just think these people aren't even here to see me!
- I had my dishes pretty well maintained. I did a load last night and had one more load to do and then the crock pot would be clean and both sinks would be empty. That was before I decided to clean out the fridge and now there is like 15 containers that are piled up ready to be washed!
- My clothes are still just floating around in the washing machine. I am just pretending they are going to be extra clean now with this deep soak! I really hope Kenny can fix the washing machine and it is just as simple as a clogged hose. What if they are locked in there forever?! I'm just lucky I had such big loads because I usually do my clothes all in one load. I would have been screwed today if that was the case!
- My FOS is out of the office today and as much as I love the lady, I love making her office into my nap room at lunch time even more! She has these amazing old antique chairs that I swear are magical because I can instantly fall asleep in them. Not to mention her office has no windows and is pitch black. I lock the door, turn the lights out, and set my alarm!
- I'm dreading my baby shower, not because of any drama, but now because of the lack of progress on my house and getting everything done. I know it is better this way because it will push me to have it all ready by May and in time for Emily, but at this point I just look around and think "what was I thinking!"
- Before I get my paycheck every other Friday, I know exactly which bills need to be paid and how much money I will have left for gas and groceries. This go around I have like no extra for anything else, in fact I am worried about a birthday party and a bachelorette dinner both in April that will be covered by this paycheck. Who decided it would be fun to be an adult? And why is everything so expensive?! And why am I stressing about a paycheck being gone days before it I actually get paid?
- I have a growing wish list of things I would love to have. I have a birthday coming up and mother's day, not to mention anniversary and Christmas in December. I can be set with ideas for the next five years!
- I am overly impressed with my closet! I mean compared to what it was, it is a HUGE transformation. I can't help but smile as I look in and see everything neatly organized and all my clothes hanging! It's my one clean spot in the house so far! Even the bathroom needs a cleaning, so if you need me, I will just be locking myself in my closet now and appreciating the clean!
So that's what I am saying "So What" to today! How about you?!


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  1. I hear you on stressing over money. I swear I can't run to town without spending $20.00. Everything has gotten ridiculously expensive.

    My closet is semi clean and it's making me happy. I hope to finish it tomorrow. Clean closets just make me smile.