Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Trick or Treating!

So I have been waiting to do this post when I could charge my batteries on the camera and get my "before we went out" pictures, but face it, I suck at remembering to that at night!

So those will come sooner or later!

Halloween was a little different this year. I didn't really decorate like I normally do. And then the things I did put outside had to be brought in since we had the hurricane coming through that Monday and Tuesday before Halloween. The Saturday before, I dressed Hailey up and took her to walk around downtown Fredericksburg where the stores were giving out candy. So that was kind of nice! Halloween was still up in the air at that time, so I figured I would let her at least get a little bit of trick or treating done!

So we were spared from the worse of Hurricane Sandy! Thank goodness! Which meant Wednesday was a school day and trick or treating was on! I took off that day so I could go in and help with Hailey's class. They did a few small things for their little Fall event they had. I helped the kids sponge paint the 5 Little Pumpkins story, which turned out so cute! Then I helped them make a fall mix of pop corn, raisins, m&ms, candy corn, and marshmallows. They seemed to really enjoy doing that kind of stuff and I loved being there to help!

That afternoon at Hailey's aftercare they had a little party and parent appreciation event. I was the only parent that showed up! And they were allowed to wear a costume there but none of the kids were dressed up so I didn't even mention anything to Hailey that I had brought hers. We stayed there for like 10 minutes and we headed home to get ready to go out.

Since this is a new area and I don't know anyone, I had asked Meagan and her sister in law if we could go out with them! She has a 2 year little boy that Hailey plays with. We ended up meeting her at a friend's house and walked around for a little bit in a nice neighborhood with houses that were close together! It was a lot of fun and Hailey really enjoyed it! She was so funny and such a good helper with Liam!

So before I share the little pictures I have, let me tell you about my camera! I had taken the time to do all sorts of pictures with Hailey before we left. Well apparently I left it on during the car ride over to go trick or treating, so when it came time to take a picture.....IT WAS DEAD! I can not believe I did that! Luckily Jen took pictures for me and sent them to me!

Hope everyone had a very safe and happy Halloween!

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  1. Ahhh I hate when that happens! I neevr charge my camera until it's dead and I get so mad!