Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving? Tomorrow? Are you Sure?!?

It's so hard for me to believe that tomorrow will be Thanksgiving! I feel like school just started and Halloween was just last week! The fall months always seem to fly by! And I am sure you don't need to be reminded, but Christmas is right around the corner!

I am spending Thanksgiving this year with my family like normal. We will go to Kenny's family's event at 2 and then my Mom's around 5 probably. I can't wait! Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite meals so I am super excited for the food, but I am just excited for the feel of a holiday as well!

I have not figured out what I will do on Black Friday, or if I will even go out looking for anything in particular. I have a list made for Hailey's stuff. Last year was the first time I actually went out and hit a door buster sale at Toys R Us. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been. Normally that is the one store I steer far far far from! I was really surprised!

I am really excited for all the things that lead up to Christmas! I am working two vendor fairs in December with Scentsy. I am hoping that will bring in a little holiday extra cash! Hailey has a group of friends that she has pretty much grown up with and they are doing a secret Santa party on the 14th. She is super excited about the name she picked and can't wait to find her the perfect gift! We will go see Santa with Jaime one evening soon at the St. Charles Town Center! Hailey has already began asking when she will get to go see him. I love that Santa! He has been the by far the best I have ever seen! We have our holiday pictures on Saturday. I was shocked when I called yesterday to get an appointment and they were pretty much open for any day I wanted, normally it takes weeks to get an appointment with them. Now to find an outfit for Hailey and I by then! I have a holiday card workshop coming up in the begining of December. It's just an hour long thing that a friend of mine hosts, but I have really gotten into making cards these past couple months so it will be fun. I also would like to hit a couple craft fairs, I have been seeing signs everywhere! I never really buy anything when I go, but I love looking at the creative things people make! I would love to have some of the skills they have. I want to go to Watkin's Park. It's something that we do almost every year and I LOVE IT! I love Christmas lights and they have an amazing display! Also the Fredericksburg Town Center has an outdoor light show every night, so I would love to go see that and the big Christmas tree! I really wanted to do ICE this year, but I am trying to convience Kenny that we should go to the Christmas town in Williamsburg instead. I have never been to Williamsburg before ever and would love to see it all decorated for Christmas. Plus I found $5 off coupons so that is a sign we should go, or atleast that is what I keep telling him! But I still wouldn't mind just going and walking around National Harbor and seeing their light display. I also would like to do the Festival of Trees put on by Hospice in Charles County. I am a HUGE supporter of them and it's amazing seeing all the trees and work people put into them! It is for such a great cause! There is so much I would love to do and way more then I have listed! Hopefully time will go by slow enough so we can do most of it!

I just love the holiday season! I love listening to Christmas music, and I'll be honest I have already started listening this week! I like seeing houses all decorated and lit up! I love decorating our own tree and house! This year my Grandmother is giving me a big tree she had in her attic. We have always had a small tree that I have had for the past 6 years. So I am really excited about that! I am excited about the gifts I have picked out to give to my best friends and family. Overall I just enjoy the spirit the holiday's bring!

Can you tell I am excited?!? I hope you are just as excited!
Happy Holidays!


  1. Hmm I need to talk to you about xmas stuff. What is williamsburg. We did Watkins last year I think. Is that the one with the buidinsg and the animals?

  2. & I totally wish we were going black friday shopping together!