Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Recap!

I am happy to report that this past weekend was really good! One of the best I have had in a while and you know the surprising part.......we had zero plans!

I had mentioned a couple weeks ago about how I had an annoying cough. I felt fine,except really winded, and very tired, but I didn't really feel sick. It started out a dry cough, then I had sorts of congestion in my chest, but nothing was coming out, it would just move around when I would cough. I had no congestion in my nose or anywhere else, just my throat and chest. Well it progressively got worse. I had a really bad hacking cough, and was having a terrible time sleeping. I let it go for about three weeks until Thursday when I started having difficulty breathing. I started to feel really bad and just super tired. Plus my recap from Thursday was in my blog from Friday, you know the day that everything went wrong! So Friday morning, after a long night of drowning, coughing, and struggling to breathe, I decided to request to work from home and go to the doctors.

I just went to the little Urgent Care place in our area. I asked Kenny if he wanted to go and of course you knew what that answer was. So then I told him I just wasn't going to go, and would wait until this weekend. Partly not wanting to go along (which is odd, because he has never gone to the doctors with me) and partly being stubborn. And surprisingly he cracked! He took me to the doctors. Sat through a 15 minute breathing treatment because I was not getting any air in my airways. Then he even took me to grab lunch and get my prescription. We had a really nice time together! So the verdict at the doctors was....drum roll please...... acute bronchitis, bronchiospasms, and an infection in my lungs which the doc said was the starting phases of walking pneumonia! So I was given a prescription for an inhaler (6 times daily), a steroid, and an antibiotic. He said the amount I was wheezing was insane and he could tell a huge difference after the breathing treatment! So I am glad I finally went!

So the rest of Friday I spent working and then cleaned some in the evening. I cooked dinner and we all ate together. Then I went and met Meagan for desert, and was home and in bed by midnight! Saturday I got to sleep in, then I found that our county was doing a little fall festival. I was going to just take Hailey myself, since Kenny isn't usually into that stuff, but I decided to call Meagan. She told me David wanted to go and to ask Kenny, so I asked him and surprisingly (again I know!) he said yes! So we went to the Fall Festival for a few hours. It was small, but it was free and it was a good time! Then Kenny, Hailey and I decided to go exploring at Lake Anna, which is a huge state park not to far from the house. We checked out the camping areas and the lake, then we just drove around the area. There wasn't to much to look at, but it was a beautiful day and a nice ride! We talked a lot about different things and just had a good time. He even stopped so I could get a cup of coffee at this little coffee shop. He wouldn't go in with me, but he at least stopped! Then we went back over to Fredericksburg and went to a camping store he wanted to go in and  then we went exploring in Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had been wanting to go there for a long time and I hadn't had the time or energy to stop. So I was excited when he said we could go in to my store afterwards since they were next to each other. Then he even treated us to dinner at Olive Garden! We haven't been there in years! Despite not feeling the best, it was just a really good time. We laughed and talked about all sorts of things. Hailey was really good and didn't fuss. She just seemed to enjoy riding around and spending time with both of us!

Sunday was boring. Kenny left before Hailey and I were awake to go help work on a garage project. Then he went straight to work from there, so we didn't see him. Hailey and I had a lazy day. We just stayed in our pajamas all day. I worked on a midterm for about 6 hours (it was the hardest one I have taken yet!) and Hailey just played all day and watched television. Even though I had wanted to go to the craft store for a "moonlight" sale that evening, we ended up not going anywhere. I think the rest did us well. We were both ready for Monday and in bed early. So I think it was just what we needed.

So that was my weekend! Nothing special went on, but it still turned out to be such an awesome time. We haven't had a lot of family time in a while, so I think that made it special. And the fact that there was no arguing made it even better! No plans, we just went with the flow!

Hopefully your weekend turned out just as good!

PS: I am not sure how I did it, because I was super lost with that exam, but I checked my grades this morning and I got a 100%! Wahoo! That class has very few assignments so they are waited heavy. That one exam was 30% of my grade! What a relief by far! He must not have read my answers! Hehe!

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