Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Small Ramblings!

One day I am going to complete everything on my "To Do List" that I am constantly replaying over and over in my head! There are so many things I need to do or need to take care of, but it's just such a jumbled mess!

For example, I have things that I need to take back to the store! Hailey got a pair of shoes for her Birthday from Target that were too small, and I never took them back! That was in August! Now I have to take them back without a receipt and hope they will give me some kind of store credit. Knowing my luck they won't even be in the system anymore! I mean, I have a small list of stuff I need to take back and forget until I am just about to fall asleep and then I am awake thinking about everything for hours! That is money sitting around! Ahhhh!

I have a pair of shoes I bought from Sports Authority that needs to go back. They are packed in a box somewhere and again it will have to be a return without receipt because I bought them in July when I was having so many problems with my foot and ankle! And I have a flag that I bought from AC Moore that needed to go back and it is laying in the back of the car and now Fall is over so I can't return it!

Things like this drive me nuts! I have the best intentions of doing things, I really do, but my days run together so much that time just slips away from me. I have two doctors bills that need to be paid from earlier this year. I seriously am not ignoring them, I just never have the money when I remember and I forget until I get another notice! And now that I moved, it really looks like I skipped out of town on them! Opps!

I have always been one to make lists for things, but it seems my lists just keep growing and I am looking at this huge piece of paper and it makes me panic! I just hope that I can slowly chip away at each thing. I really do have faith that one day it will become a tiny list, but until then I am going CRAZY to do my best!

On a positive side note....... I am way ahead then ever before on my Christmas shopping! Doing it this early has also allowed me to be able to split people up by paychecks because the last thing I need to do is add any more credit card debt to my life! And believe me, I took advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for sure! And I love watching my credits pop up on my Ebates account! Wahoo that makes me feel even better about my purchases, I mean come on $5.40 cash back on my Furby purchase, that means I got it for $48.60! You can't beat that!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. We are so much alike! I have two things to return that I am hoping to do tomorrow! Ahhhh

    & yay for ebates. I need to get on that!