Monday, February 25, 2013

The Tale of the Lost Tooth

Hailey had a traumatic experience this weekend. My poor tootsie roll!

Her 2nd front tooth has been loss for a couple weeks, but she for the most part has been leaving it alone and not really wiggling it. I dropped her off at my Mom's house so I could go to a book club meeting. While I was leaving that, I received a very upset phone call from my little! Through the tears she was able to tell me that she lost her tooth and swallowed it! Oh no! I quickly told her that was okay and calmed her down. I think she was most upset because she had nothing for the tooth fairy! So my Mom and I told her that she could write the tooth fairy a note and tell her what happened. I told her lots of little kids swallow their tooth and I am sure she would like the note instead of a digested tooth. So by the time I got off the phone with her, she was much calmer!
My mom made a little card for her that's shaped like a tooth. When we got home, we decided what to write to the tooth fairy and she got busy getting it done! Then she even drew the tooth fairy a picture!
Before bedtime, she got a little upset again because her new fear was that the tooth fairy didn't know how to read. I told her that she reads lots of maps so she knows where to get to the children so I am sure she can read! I haven't talked to her today, but rumor has it that she left $3 and not just the $1 that she got the last time! I guess she was feeling a little generous!

Photo: Another tooth gone! My poor tootsie accidentally swallowed it! She was so upset! :(
One missing and the new one next to it pushing through!
"Please take this tooth instead of the real one. I swallowed it bu accident. Love, Hailey Gass"
Sometimes being a Mom/Tooth Fairy is hard work!

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  1. Such a good idea to write a note! I bet hailey was very happy the next morning