Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day!

I always get excited for any type of little holiday! Especially one where you can do cutesy stuff for the one's you love! I normally try to take off for Valentine's day due to the fact that Kenny works nights and our schedules don't overlap unless I am off. This year I was not able to take off because I was in charge of a huge special event at work (which turned out amazing, if I do say so myself!). Anyways, I since I couldn't be off, I planned a couple surprises!

First thing was that Hailey and I went to Krispy Kreme donuts and bought a dozen donuts for breakfast. We had to do this the night before! She loved going in and watching the donuts being made! I set the table with plates and cups and put the box out and a little sign that said "For my two Valentines!". So breakfast was set!

Then I stayed up until 12:30 am waiting for Kenny to come home. I had his stuff sitting on his pillow and left the lights on so he could see it when he came in! I sat up with him while he opened the card, a little stuff animal tiger that sings a song about Reese cups, and then I got him two pairs of jeans. So we talked for a bit and then I went to sleep since I had to be up in a couple hours.

After work, I went and picked Hailey up. I let her choose where she wanted to go for dinner and then we went and ate. We got home and she gave me the card she had made for me and I gave her the presents I had for her. Then we cuddled while looking at all her valentine's from her classmates and then it was bed time!

When we came home, I had a special surprise from Kenny which was a bamboo plant shaped in a heart in a red vase! It was such a nice surprise, and those are literally the only plants I can take care of without killing them! He also paid for my spa retreat for Meagan's birthday. It included a massage and a facial!

Though we couldn't spend much time together, Valentine's day was great with both my Valentines!

Here are the valentine's Hailey and I made for her class!

My bamboo!

And my Hailey Valentine!

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