Friday, February 8, 2013

Fab Fridays! Celebrating the Good!

The Everyday Joys
I will be honest, I have been in a crummy mood for most of this week, just really anxious and letting people get to me. It has taken everything to be nice and not let it show! So I am welcoming this link up to think of all the fabulous things going on, and hopefully boost my mood! I mean, it's Friday what's better then that!
I think it is fabulous that Hailey has been in school for over 100 days and I was able to go in a help out a couple hours during her 100th day! She was so excited about the 100th day! They made a 100th day snack with 100 items in it, a special 100th day hat with 100 stamps! They made fruit loop necklaces with 100 pieces on them! It was a lot of fun helping the kids make all the stuff. I wish I could volunteer more often in her classroom!
I think it fabulous Valentine's day is next week! Kenny and I aren't doing anything special for it or anything. In fact we both will work, so we won't even see each other. But I am excited to spend it with Hailey. I got her a couple cute little things and I thought I might take her out to get something to eat. I also know she will have a party at school so I am sure she will be really excited about that!
I think it is fabulous that her school is doing "One School Community, One Book". Everyone in the school was issued a brand new book called "The World According to Humphrey". Each night we are assigned a chapter to read. And when I say "we", that means everyone in the school. The janitors, the lady's in the cafeteria, the bus drivers, the whole school community all reads a chapter a night (well they are supposed to). Then the kids do stuff during the day with the stuff they read the night before. They are also having trivia, so the class who wins daily gets a visit from "Humphrey" for the day. Humphrey is a Zhu Zhu pet, which Hailey has a ton of, BUT every night she talks about how badly she wants Humphrey to come to class. It's a really cute book and a great idea!
I think it's fabulous that I don't have much going on this weekend! Hailey and I are going to work on her Valentines. I drew something up on the computer to cut out and got all the card stock a couple weeks ago. I have just been waiting for the time to cut and glue everything all together. I hope it turns out as good as I see it in my head! And I told myself I wouldn't spend more then $5 on Valentines, so after buying the paper, I had just enough money to buy Valentine's bubbles from Michael's Craft Store that I am going to attach some way!
I think it's fabulous that I am so excited for next weekend! Friday we are having a couple's dinner with some awesome friends! We are even getting fancy with the whole meal! And NO KIDS! Wahoo! Then Saturday I am celebrating my bestie's Birthday with a spa treatment! And then Sunday is Disney on Ice with my other bestie and her little girl! I can't wait for Hailey to find out where we are going! I hope she is excited as I am! So one more weekend then my exciting weekend will finally be here!
Well, I think that's a great start to thinking about some fabulous things going on! And you know what, I have a smile on my face now, so it worked! I am in a much better mood at the moment!
You should try it! What's going on that's Fab to you!

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