Monday, November 10, 2014

Hailey's Rockobter Night!

On Tuesday, October 28th, the second graders at Hailey's school put on a musical for parents. They were all supposed to be dressed as rock stars for the Rocktober event! They worked the entire month learning songs and dances. The day before they performed for all the other grades in the school. Hailey was super excited to get dressed up and show me all the songs. Most were Halloween themed songs, like Spooky Bones, but of course they couldn't come out and say that. It was pretty cute and the music teacher did awesome getting all the classes to work together. They did a total of 6 different songs, some with the Principal and other teaches, some songs had black lights, strobes, and props. At the end confetti fell from above, Hailey was most looking forward to that. The kids did great job and it was a pretty awesome night!
Now for some pictures......

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