Tuesday, November 18, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday

1. I went walking today at lunch as usual, but when it's barely above freezing and windy as hell out, it does not make for an enjoyable 2.5 miles. In fact, it made for a very slow walk! My body was numb and the wind kept taking my breath away!

2. I really need to wear warmer clothes when walking now. The wind went right through my dress slacks and light pea coat!

3. We have family pictures on Sunday, but now I see it's supposed to rain. Figures since it's supposed to be the warmest day of the week.

4. The van is pretty much empty the next two weeks with the holidays so we are rotating the driving between 4 of us this week and 3 of us next week. I drive home today. Yippee!.......not!

5. So a co-worker has stirred up some panic by informing me that we need to start preparing for furlough again. With new people coming into office and a Republican run Congress trying to make a point, there is a strong likely hood that we may be furloughed again come Dec. 11 when our temporary funding bill expires. They could always extend it, but it's going to be a power war between the two parties right now. I don't follow politics so this whole issue was news to me.

6. I'm ready to go home. It's been a long day slow day for me! Plus I am ready to just sit back on the couch with the girls.

7. My Jeep has a "malfunction indicator" light on right now. After an issue last night with it starting and the system resetting, I looked up in the driver manual what that new light meant. Kenny is hoping it is something easy to fix instead of something like my computer starting to go bad or an issue with the motor. Please be a simple fix because our bank accounts are hurting right now.

8. Christmas will be here before we know it! Hailey has pointed out a lot that she is interested, but her main request is a Zoomer and a Zoomer Zuppy, Roxie to be specific. She even said that if Santa can't bring her both, then she really realllllly wants to Zuppy. I am hoping Black Friday may bring some good sales on the Zoomers.

9. I was volunteered to throw a baby shower at the beginning of April. When we were talking about it last night. She informed me that it was going to stress her out to much being that close to her due date (April 30th) and not knowing what she will be getting and needing to buy. Now she wants me to do it in the middle of February. I went from 5 months being able to plan and budget out money to 2.5 months on top of Christmas. You can just imagine the little panic attack I have each time I think about it.

10. I have been dealing with extreme anxiety and depression a lot lately and I have been extremely down on myself lately. I am not happy with myself at all despite the little bit of progress I have been making. I just need a mini vacation. Somewhere warm, and sunny, where I can soak up some vitamin D and get a nice tan. Is that too much to ask for?

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