Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pumpkin Carving!

So now that I have shared our pumpkin patch stories, it's time to show what we did with these things! This year Hailey was able to do her own pumpkin! Of course I did Emily's and decided on the most perfect design for her. Hailey spent probably an hour or more cleaning out her pumpkin. She decided that she wanted a puppy so I printed off a puppy head and helped her with getting hers taped on and showing her how to use the poking tool to make the design. I ended up doing all of that for her, but girlfriend did awesome when it came to carving! There was a tiny melt down when the ear collapsed but Kenny was able to fix that. Kenny worked on his the entire time and free handed his design which came out pretty awesome. When I finally got around to starting my pumpkin I was exhausted and ready to quit, but I went ahead and did it, which of course I was glad about! I was happy that we were able to do it this year since we missed last years! And Hailey and I were super excited about the results!

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