Friday, November 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch!

I had mentioned that the girls got their pumpkins at the pumpkin patch in early October. The weekend of Halloween we decided that Kenny and I should also have some pumpkins. Last year I was so tired and sick with being pregnant, plus tight on money with the furlough, that we got just one pumpkin from walmart and didn't even carve it. This year I wanted to put a little more effort to it. We had hoped to hit another pumpkin patch in the area, but after looking at ticket costs, it would cost $50 just to get in without even buying a pumpkin. We opted out of that one.

I had noticed a lot of signs for different patches in the area. On my way home that Saturday I passed a plain wooden sign that just said "Pumpkins" and had an arrow and said what times they were open Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was another day with beautiful weather so that afternoon we headed on out to see this patch. I couldn't even find it on the map, we just knew what road it was on.

When we finally got to another sign, it was actually someones house and driveway. Kenny was hesitant about stopping, but once we pulled around back we saw several other cars. It was a decent sized patch that a family owned. The pumpkins were HUGE! They were also still on the vines so we were given a pair of clipped and a wheel barrel and told to have fun! We walked around for a good hour looking at these pumpkins. Neither Kenny or I had ever seen any this large! We were having such a hard time deciding on just one! After looking all over we ended up with a 27lb pumpkin for me and a 39lb pumpkin for Kenny! They were huge!

I am glad we decided to stop. We all agreed we would be going back there! There was a fair amount of people there while we were and a ton of pumpkins all over! Before we left the owners gave the girls the cutest little baby pumpkins! Seeing how excited both of them got about the little pumpkins made this trip so much better!

Okay maybe Emily wasn't as happy with this picture as I wanted. This is the best out of like 7!

Emily just wanted to eat hers!

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  1. I took the boys to a pumpkin patch this year and they had a blast, looks like your girls did too.