Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Recap

Before I start my new post, let me continue my old post for a second. I will give you a quick run down of our Christmas. Christmas eve was very busy! Kenny and I were both off work which was nice. We went to one of our friends to drop his gift off around 2:30. We were at Kenny's Aunt's house around 3:30 for their family get together. It was very nice, yummy food as always, and there were faces there that we normally don't get to see. Hailey had a blast getting gifts from people. She is such a lucky little girl! We met Amanda at 5:15 to do her and Hailey's gift exchange and then we went to my Mom's house around 5:30. We ate dinner with them and then did my family gift exchange and then left so we could get to Kenny's dad's house since he was leaving bright and early to catch a flight. We visited with him for a bit and he gave Hailey her presents. Then at about 10 we rushed home to get cookies started, Hailey into bed, and the wrapping begun! Christmas morning was nice, we woke up whenever and took our time opening gifts. Hailey was so excited! Santa was good to her. We went to my Grandmother's for our traditional Christmas dinner around 3:30, amazing as always! Then we just spent the evening with my whole family! Sunday we relaxed for a while and then went and had dinner with Kenny's Mom.

So all and all it was a very nice Christmas! Hailey really had a blast and appreciated everything, even the smallest things like a slinky! She has been having a blast playing with all her toys! Shes so amazing! She has been asking when Santa is coming again! LOL she has alot of waiting to do!!!

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