Saturday, January 1, 2011

HELLO 2011!!!!!

So it's offically a new year! I am glady welcoming 2011 and the changes it will bring. I am already working on my resolutions. Hopefully I will post them later!

New years eve didn't go as planned exactly, but still turned out fun. The plan was to have a little "party" like we did last year. Of course the guest were just Kenny, Hailey and I, but hey! it's still a party right! Thursday I went to the party store and picked up some decorations, a balloon, and a party kit with hats and noise makers. So yesterday I spent the day fighting the crowds at the grocery stores. When I got home I went ahead and rolled up pigs in a blanket, made some crab dip, and got everything set up for our party. We made last minute plans to go out with one of my best friends and his girlfriend to the japanese steak house, we have been talking about going since June! Boy, did we pick the wrong night! We were told a 45 minute wait, which was close to about right. Then we got seated and two of the people we were seated with requested the head chef! Ughhhh! So we wait almost an hour and a half to get our food! Needless to say we were all getting grumpy. Our short dinner turned into a 3 hour adventure. Atleast it was with people I love and hardly ever get to see because one hardheaded boy WON'T ANSWER HIS PHONE!!! lol ::end tiny rant::. So we ended up getting home at like 10:30. So our party didn't happen. Maybe today it will happen! The menu consists of pigs in a blanket, crab dip, steamed shrimp, bacon chedar potato skins, chips with slasa and cheese, and green frozen party punch! Yummy!..... sorry, got side tracked, back to my story.... So we got home and watched TV and got our hats picked out. I made Kenny turn on the count down shows around 11:30, he was not happy at all, but come on this only comes once a year, Pawn Stars are on all the time!!! So we watched that and brought in the new year with lots of noise! Hailey enjoyed that part the most! Plus I got my new year kiss from both Hailey and Kenny! We celebrated the new year with an ice cream Sunday, since we didn't get to have our party food! Hailey was just fine with that lol!

So here is to 2011!!! I am going to make a lot of changes this year, hopefully for the best! Yay!!

Now to get off of here and think of some resolutions that I can actually keep!!!

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