Friday, May 4, 2012

Guess What?! Its Friday!!!!

Finally! Its Friday! Its been a long and hectic week. Things at work haven't been going to well, but the weekend is just what I need to get a breath.

So what is on my mind?

My Birthday is almost here!

Mother's day is almost here! I've been trying to figure out the perfect gift for my mom!

On the 14th, Hailey has a special mothers day activity at school that I know she is looking forward too!

The 9th, I'm surprising her with a "Fun with chocolate" class! She loves chocolate so I'm sure she we love making stuff!

My classes end on the 14th and two new ones begin the same day! I'm glad everything is winding down with these ones and I'm excited to get new ones!

My dance mommy friends and I decided to put the girls in cheer bears for a 6 week mini session this summer!

Dance is slowly winding down and Hailey's first recital will be here before I know it.

Hailey will have her first field trip to Elms beach. My background check is complete with the school so I am hoping to volunteer. They need only 4 parents though, so I am hoping I get picked!

So there's lots of stuff coming in the next couple months. Lots to be excited about for sure!

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