Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day (Post 1)

A few pictures from Mother's day! These were the gifts I was given! The first four were ones that Hailey and Meagan made together for me. There is a pompom frog, a butterfly flower pot that uses her hands as wings, a colorful bouquet of flowers made out of coffee filters, and a bouquet of flowers they got for me. The final picture was a gift from Kenny and Hailey. It was the ring that matches my open heart necklace that I got for my anniversary/Christmas! I had sent him the link weeks earlier when I first saw it and I was very surprised he got it for me! They also got me a Tinkerbell card that sings. Everything was a very nice surprise and what I loved even more was the excitement that Hailey had when she was giving everything to me! I know she worked really hard on everything, even with keeping a secret!

So here are some pics off my phone and I will post more later when I get home and upload them off my camera!!!

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  1. Jr was so into it this year too! Makes it that much more special! Love all your goodies! Glad you had such an awesome Mother's day!