Monday, May 21, 2012

Field Trip!!!!

Today was field trip day! We went to Elms beach in St. Mary's. This was Hailey's first real field trip and I got to be a volunteer! I wait almost two weeks patiently to see if I had been picked. They were only taking the first four volunteers for each class. Luckily I found out Tuesday that I had been chosen and was given my instructions to report to school at 9am today with my lunch packed! Believe me, I was super excited!

The weather wasn't as nice as it had been all weekend. It called for 50% chance of rain and it rained all around us. Lucky for us, some how we missed all the rain! Wahoo! It was cloudy, but we could deal with clouds. I got to be the chaperon for a group of four which included Hailey! Let's just say these kids had a TON of energy. It was a very long bus ride, but we finally made it!

We started the trip off by learning about the Maryland Blue Crab. We learned that if it loses a leg or arm during a fight that it would grow back. Also we learned the different stages from baby to adult. We got to see a little baby crab in a tank, a huge crab in a tank, and a shell of a crab. The women there said that the big crab had shed it's shell the day before. It was really neat! It was completely in tack and just looked like a dead crab. Apparently crabs shed there shells about roughly 13 times in their 3 year life span.

After that was the scavenger hunt. We were given a list of items to find out on the beach. It included different shells, driftwood, a pinch of sand, a rock, pieces of crabs, and some seaweed. The kids got to make a paper bag to take home some treasures from the scavenger hunt. We went out on the beach and the kids quickly filled up our bucket of all the things we were supposed to find. Afterwards we went back to the picnic tables as a class and sorted everything we had found. Each kid got to pick five things from their pile to take home in their bags.

After this we did a bathroom break, washed hands with the hoses, and it was lunch time. We all brought out paper bag lunches and chowed down. The buses came back and it was time to head home!

It was alot of fun! I am so glad I could be there. My parents never went on any of my school trips so I am glad I can do it with Hailey. It is something that I have always worried about with working so far away. I am thankful that my job is pretty flexible and I am really good at saving leave.

Oh and one thing before we get to the pictures! The children are all wearing a white tee shirt. Each child put their hand print on all the shirts. Mrs. Edwards then wrote all the kids names by their hand prints and on the front of the shirt it said:

Kindergarten here I come!
I know I'll have lots of fun
But I will always remember the friends I made,
When I was in Mrs. Edwards' Pre K!

I got to face it.....My baby is growing up!

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