Friday, May 11, 2012

Soooooo I was bad......

I try so hard not to really spend money. I will buy some makeup here and there, but never really anything big. I have been doing really good with my money and making sure I pack my breakfast and lunches. But I have been really thinking about buying this thing a lot. I have looked at several websites and finally I just asked one of my best friends what she could recommend for me since she has a better sense of these then I do.........Are you ready?!?.......I bought.......


It's a Nikon p510. It's consider a compact camera and it's part of the CoolPix family! My original camera that I have had for the past 5 years is a pink cool pix that I got in a bundle for Christmas from Kenny! Believe me it has done it's job! I still love that thing and plan on keeping it handy! And believe me, I have put it through a beating! But this camera is a HUGE step up for me! Even better was that I found it on sale, got a half price memory card with it, got 1% cash back, and was able to pick it up last night! I spent a lot of time reading the reviews on it and it's pretty much perfect for what I need! I wanted something that I could zoom in and get great picture quality!

Hailey got an award in school a couple months ago and I was saddened to see that my camera couldn't zoom in on her, in fact, my cell phone took a better picture. I look at all my friends blogs and posts on Facebook and see beautiful pictures of their children. My camera has always come in handy, but I feel like I am missing something. So this is my incentive to capture all the memories! Hailey has a field trip coming up, graduation, her dance recital, her award ceremonies, and so many other things so I just didn't want to miss anything!

I laid in bed last night and played with it for awhile. The picture quality is AMAZING! And it has some really cool effects! One that I LOVED was the ability to pull colors out of the picture! I will have to upload some of the pictures I took while I was just playing around! So hopefully I won't regret the purchase. I put all my Birthday money towards it, so at least I don't feel soooo bad about it! I think I will be happy with it! Yayyyyyyy!

So thank you very much Heather for your recommendations! Maybe you can teach me some things that I didn't quite understand! Please and Thank You!!!

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  1. I want to check it out! SO exciting. It will come in handy with all the important things you have coming up!