Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day (Post 2)

 Mother's day continued......

I told you would be back after I uploaded some more pictures! So this past weekend was pretty uneventful. Meagan came up and we went and got our toes done. She spent the evening making crafts with Hailey and then we got dinner with Kenny. The Caps lost the big game, so we are out of the series (womp womp), so that was kind of depressing, but good food made up for it! Then we came home and went to bed!

The next morning Meagan got up with Hailey and worked on the finishing touches to their crafts. Kenny got us a dozen donuts and my favorite coffee drink from Dunkin Donuts! The Boston Creams were in heart shapes and said "Mom" on them! After Hailey showed me all her presents we ate our breakfast and Meagan left to go see her Mom. I putted around the house until 3 and we headed to my grandmother's for a Mother's day dinner. We just did hamburgers and hot dogs and chips. I brought a strawberry shortcake for desert. It was relaxing and we just hung out there. As you will see, I played with my camera some and let Jaime be my model! She has gotten so big and so sweet! I love my baby cousin! I love watching Hailey interact with her, they are best friends!

I ended the night on the couch watching Say Yes to the Dress Brides Maid edition. I had never watched those shows, but I think I got a new series to watch on Netflix!

Now for some pics!!!!

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