Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bouncing for a Cure Event- Oct. 13

A couple weekends ago we took part in a charity off-roading event through the Virginia Krawlers group. It was called "Bounce the Boobies". This was the second annual event. Last year there was a total of 15 vehicles and 18 people that took part in it. They raised $300 to go to Susan G. Komen fund! This year there was close to 200 vehicles alone and together we raised almost 5 grand! It was an amazing event and the people who put it on were floored by the amount of vehicles that showed up and the amount of support they got! It was a great day! Beautiful weather and the scenery was awesome. We met the people in our area that were going at Home Depot in Fredericksburg at 7am. It took us almost two hours to get there. Then we all met up with all the other groups from all over the areas at an empty parking lot where we all registered and they did raffles. Then they broke into groups and hit the trails at George Washington National Forest. We were the last group to go and ended up with 35 vehicles, mostly Jeeps. It was a lot of fun, we barely made it off the trail before dark. We were probably up there 5 hours. The people were awesome and really friendly. We made some new friends and Hailey got to meet some new kids. We ended our night by going to Taco Bell with another couple in our area. They were actually the ones who organized and put the event together. We hit it off pretty well and they had their five year old son with them so Hailey had someone to talk to. Hopefully we see them real soon again! We didn't get home until almost 1am, needless to say it was a long day, but we had a blast which made it so worth it!
And here are some pictures!

This whole parking lot was FILLED!

Hailey waiting!

On our way there! The drive was beautiful!

Airing down my tires!

Waiting with our group to hit the trails

Trails. They were super tight to drive through by beautiful colors!

Going through some water!

Hailey on top of the mountain!


This was the town we drove through! It is itty bitty now!

And a very muddy Jeep the next day!

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