Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters!

I have missed all my link ups this past week! So today I am taking the time out to link up with Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds!

Dear Hailey, I am so so soooo proud of you for being student of the week in class this week! I am glad I was able to come and see you present! I could just tell how proud you were when you got up there to show all your pictures and your favorite things! You really surprised me with how confident you were and how well you interacted with your classmates! You have always been so timid, and Wednesday you were so outgoing when you were in front of the whole class! And since you ask me EVERYDAY, there are five days until Halloween now!

Dear Kenny, Thank you for fixing my shifter (that you broke)! Haha I had to add that part in! I do appreciate you buying a new one and fixing it! We didn't even have to argue about it! I am glad things are going good between us! I know you are much happier having a garage. Though I may not always understand everything, you do impress me with the way you build and create things! And thanks for putting up with me coughing ALL night long the past week!

Dear Cough, Please go away! I can't sleep, even with a ton of pillows under my head! You have been with me a wholeeee week! I think you have stayed long enough now!

 Dear Meggie Poo, I hope you don't continue to stress yourself out so much with school! It was just a bad week, and I am sure next week will be much better! I'm always here to grade papers for you when you need it!

Dear Amanda, Seeing you yesterday was great! I wish your new job made you happier! It makes me even more scared to leave this place! I hope you will find a position really soon so you can come back here! I'll keep a look out!

Dear NHL, I have waited forever for hockey season to start again! Please come to an agreement because I miss you guys so much! I have nothing to watch on television anymore! Soon. PLEASE!

Dear Self, I hope you have a great weekend! And you make alot of money at your Scentsy thing on Sunday! Make sure you keep up with all you school work, I see that you have been slacking some! And get to that organizing all ready!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

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