Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekend Recap!

This past weekend was really fun and really busy! It started out a tiny bit rocky on Friday, but it all worked out in the end!

I was on my way home Friday. Hailey and I were supposed to go to the YMCA Halloween Carnival with Meagan. About 3:48pm I received a phone call from the girl at Hailey's aftercare telling me she had gotten sick and was in the office with the nurse and that someone had to come get her right now! Kenny was working Friday, so I told them that I was on my way and would do the best I could with traffic. I hung up the phone with them and see that I have a voicemail on my phone. It was Hailey's teacher and she said that she did not think Hailey had the flu, that Hailey had been really upset all day and she thinks that she got coughing while crying and choked up. She told me to please come see her when I got there since she would be there late. So the TWO hours later I finally pull up to the school. I went to the front office but the doors were locked so I assumed she wasn't in the front office anymore. Then I went around back to the YMCA room and that was dark and closed. So then I went to the classroom and there was Hailey, as happy as can be, helping the teacher. Apparently Hailey didn't want to go to YMCA and started crying and then coughing and that's when she got sick. So she wasn't sick, just upset. The teacher said she had just had a rough day. Poor Hailey! I was glad the teacher took Hailey to her classroom. She said Hailey is a great helper and would love to have her stay after to help sometimes. Hailey is really looking forward to that! I still don't know what I am going to do about aftercare. She had been doing so good and now she gets upset everyday when she has to go there. Boo!

So back to my story! I picked Hailey up and we ran home and started dinner. Meagan got there just in time to eat, so we shoveled ate our food quickly and headed to the Halloween event. It was really nice! Of course we didn't get there until it was half over. The gym was set up as a carnival with tons of things kids could do and make and earn candy for. They had games to play and music. It was really nice. It cost a couple bucks for Hailey, but Meagan and I were free so that made it even better! Then we all headed outside to the hayride! It took us all over in the dark. I wanted to do the haunted hayride, but Hailey wasn't going for that. I love being scared, but I need to remember she is only 5! Then we grabbed some ice cream and went home and I went to work on doing a whole bunch of vinyl jobs I had to get done!

Saturday was really busy. I got up early to finish the vinyl jobs and then I needed to frost the cake I had made the night before. We got ready and headed out the door to take Pixie to the groomers in LaPlata. We barely made it in time! I then dropped off my jobs and headed to target and lunch! Then we made a very special stop to see a sick little girl in the hospital! My best friend's daughter was admitted on Friday and they had to stay until Monday in there. We took her a very special gift to try to cheer her up and visited with her for a little while. Friday was my friend's birthday, and it just so happened we were there when her mother in law came with her Birthday cake! It was in the shape of a camera and was really cool! So we got to have cake and celebrate her birthday with her while we were there!

After we left there, we headed to pick up Pixie, who looked so much better! She had gotten to be a mess and a groom was way over due! Then we headed to my Grandmother's to celebrate my dad's Birthday and see everyone! My Uncle was up from Georgia which was nice! My cousin and his girl friend were there and we had a good time laughing with them! I really like her! I hope she stays around! Then everyone had some of the cake I made and we headed home!

Sunday was the pumpkin patch with my cousin and her little girl! I was going to tie it into this post, but I might just go ahead and make it it's own post! And believe me, I got lots of pictures! So I will leave this to be continued.........

Needless to say, it was a really great weekend!

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