Monday, June 10, 2013

Amazing Teacher!

I have mentioned several times how much I loved Hailey's teacher this year! She was absolutely amazing in so many ways. She was extra patient while Hailey adjusted to a new house, new area, new faces, and a new school. It was all just overwhelming for her and the in the beginning of kindergarten she needed a little extra attention helping with this. Mrs. Durham worked with the students and really made learning fun and made each kid feel special. She was great with the parents and you know how crazy we can be from time to time. I really appreciate everything she did throughout the school year and will really miss her!

The last day of school she outdid herself just a little more! She made each student a huge memory book. There was pictures, classwork, and all sorts of little things throughout the year. It was amazing the stuff that was in this book!

Bare with these photos because of course they are pictures of a the book, but I just had to share some!

Hailey's self portrait on August 21, 2013

It's amazing to see how much her drawing has changed since the August picture!!!

And then of course there was a note to parents as well! And I cried reading it the first time myself and then again to Kenny! Ha!

Then she also sent home a letter to the children telling them she wanted to make sure they really practiced hard over the summer on everything they had learned throughout the year. She included several sheets of papers and some envelopes and her home address. She told them that she was including all this so they could practice by writing her over the summer and she promised she would write them back.

I just thought all of this stuff was great! I was very touched by everything she did! Hailey and I will both miss her next year!


  1. Oh wow, that is impressive. I would imagine a lot of hard work and time went into that book. It's awesome to see teacher's that really love and care about their students.

  2. That is very impressive! What an amazing teacher!