Monday, August 26, 2013

A Birthday Story! Part 1

So since it's been over a week, I figured Hailey's Birthday post was way over due! Don't worry, I am only splitting it up since I have a ton of pictures! These pictures are from her actual Birthday, which was Friday the 16th. We woke up and did presents at home. Then we had a pretty mellow day and got ready for her party at Chuck E Cheese with her few close friends who she has grown up with! She gets to go to all of their parties, so she was excited to be having a party that she could invite them too! I figured she loves CEC and the other kids do too so it would be the easiest. I also figured it would be easier to do a small party with her friends and one with the family, instead of trying to jam it all into one like usual. This way she got to really enjoy herself and play with her friends.

So here are the pictures!!!!

 Her audience
Surprise! We got her another cat! Just kidding! Rosie just couldn't resist the bags and paper!


Did I mention this party consisted on my friends also?!? Haha


  1. Looks like she had a blast of a birthday

    PS: I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out.

  2. i'm so late catching up but LOVE all the pictures. :) thanks again for including us!!