Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday again!!!!!
1. I am not having the best of days and I am not in the best of moods! Blah!
2. Strawberry Shortcake (Hailey's fish) passed away this past week. We had her for two years, so she was with us awhile. I was sad to see her go!
3. I scrubbed the fish tank out last night and washed all the little ornamental things in it. I put new rocks in it and set it up for my two little water frogs who were in a dirty nasty tank. I put them in there new home and they didn't seem to active. I figured it was just from all the excitement of being moved. This morning they were in the same spot as last night. Yup, they were dead. I guess the new water shocked them. I was really upset about it and immediately busted into tears ::super sad face::
4. Hailey had a pair of pink shorts she wore just once and got the butt all dirty and stained playing in the grass. Nothing could get the stains out. I took them to my mom to see if she could get the stains out, which was a negative also. So instead she tye dyed them this dark purple color. They came out really neat !
5. I wash Hailey and my clothes together. Those shorts from above turned anything that I had with a white collar or a light color to purple in the wash. I rewashed them and still couldn't get it out. Now all my work clothes have purple on them. That also includes all my bras. My mom had already washed them a couple times, so I never thought anything of it when I threw them in there.
6. I was pretty productive last night. I went to the grocery store and did a few things I needed to do. Then I went home and cleaned out the fridge. I took the trash out and did two loads of dishes. Redid the hermit crabs cage and washed all the fish stuff off really good. I clipped coupons and even did a load of laundry and folded a load of Kenny's. I deserve a pat on the back!
7. This paycheck is super tight with the bills that need to come out. I have been really watching every dime I spend. I checked my account today and it looked off so I looked over all the transactions. Comcast decided to raise my rates to $142.94 since my year promotion was up. No letter or notice before they just took the money out of my account. I called and they rebundled it and now it's back to $121.00. I never understood why they do that! Every year at some point I go through this! Ugh!
8. I got to the van stop today and realized I forgot my purse at home. I guess being upset about the frogs really had my frazzled. That was a bummer since I need to go out after I get off the van today.
9. I need a baby shower gift for this weekend. I asked her what she really needed and of course she said the breast feeding stuff! I was hoping for cute clothes or maybe some bibs. Now I am going to be the weirdo giving breast feeding accessories!
PS: I do have a 20% off coupon which I am excited to use! I signed up for the mailing list just so I could get the special coupon!
10. I am really excited for Hailey's birthday! I am hoping to maybe wrap her presents tonight! I have never been this ahead of schedule ever! Invites are mailed out, presents are bought, party supplies are here, and all that's left is the food, which I already have a list and price estimate planned! Told you I am excited!
I hope you are having a better day! What 10 things would you like to share this Tuesday?!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful week so far *sarcasm*. Hope the rest of the week looks up for you.