Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday again and what a Tuesday it has been!!!!!
1. For the last year I have been paying for DVR and had no clue at all we even had it! I never requested it so I didn't realize I was paying for it or that our box could even do it! I decided to try it out tonight and I could get used to this! I DVRed Teen Mom 3, set it to record Amish Mafia tonight and then Cheer Perfection tomorrow! I am on a DVRing roll!
2. I applied for a job today and I am really hoping that I get it or at least a chance to interview. I meet all the requirements and think it would be a pretty good opportunity. The only problem is that it will be a pay cut and believe me it will make things very tight for me. This is something I am worried about, but it would save hours in commuting and also put me much closer to Hailey if anything ever were to happen while in school. So if everyone can keep their fingers and toes crossed for me I would be very happy! When I put in my application it sent out reference requests to the people I put down. They all gave me really good recommendations. So we shall see! The job closed today!
3. We are in full swing with cheerleading. We met Friday, Saturday, yesterday and then today. Unfortunately with our summer schedule and me working, we couldn't make today. Thursday is the first game at 6pm! I am so excited of how far the girls have come just in these practices. Even though they aren't all in sync with the moves, they are starting to get louder and get things down pat!
4. Since I mentioned Teen Mom 3, is it just me or does all the Dads on the show look like they are on drugs most of the time? Hmmmm.
5. I had a good doctors appointment with the new doctor on Monday. She seemed to care a lot and be pretty efficient at trying to calm my high blood pressure. She said it is way to high still so she is changing my medications around. Hopefully it will help things out!
6. I got a post card in the mail today saying who Hailey's teacher will be. She will be in Mrs. Scheff's first grade class this year. We go Friday to drop all our supplies off and meet the teacher!
7. I still can not get over the fact that my little girl is going into first grade this year. She starts back to school next Tuesday!
8. Since school is starting, I am taking Tuesday and Wednesday off from work. Number one I want pictures and I can't trust dad with that. Number two, I want to be able to do her hair and make sure that she is all ready for her first day and number 3 I want to be close by in case there is any issues like last year or you know, if they decide to put my kid on the bus again when she is suppose to stay for aftercare! I'm sure it will be fine, but it is my job to worry!
9. I think my phone isn't handling Candy Crush very well. It has been running sooooo slow the last couple weeks since I downloaded it. Too bad I am stuck on level 30. Good news is, I passed my Grandmother! That could of been embarrassing!
10. Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the Martin Luther King march. We were told to avoid the DC and Northern VA areas, but I used my telework day yesterday for the doctors so I couldn't ask to telework like everyone else. Hopefully traffic isn't as crazy as they are predicting it to be. Kenny works like 3 blocks from it so he should also have a fun commute tomorrow.
Welp! That's it for this Tuesday! Anything you would like to share?!?

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  1. Hope your new doctor gets your blood pressure under control soon. My dad has battled high blood pressure for as long as I can remember.
    My daughter (who is 14) started her first year of High School on Monday. I was a nervous wreck. She did fine though. I hope Haley has a great year!
    Good luck on the job friend!