Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Birthday Story Part 2!

So since I photo dropped enough yesterday with my part one story, I am ready to share her second party! This party was more for family and it was pretty mellow compared to usual. Not to many people showed up, but we did have some new faces that normally don't get a chance to come. It turned out pretty great if I may say so myself! And she got a ton of gifts, so that was mission complete for her!

Alright, enough with my story and on to some pictures!

This is when Hailey got there, Jaime yelled "surprise, it's your party!!"

This is the cake Hailey requested by drawing her ideas. My mom did an awesome job of making it happen!

 Jaime wanted Hailey to open hers next......
 .....and before Hailey opened it, she yelled "It's a lalaloopsy!"

 So happy with her Monster High dolls!

 Cake time!!!!!

Getting practice for two! ;) we shall see!

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